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Woman who falsely accused 49ers player of domestic violence likely to avoid charges

The woman who admitted lying about domestic violence claims against San Francisco 49ers linebacker Reuben Foster won't likely face charges for making false claims. (Image source: Video screenshot)

The woman who admitted to lying about domestic violence claims against San Francisco 49ers linebacker Reuben Foster won't likely face charges for making false claims, KPIX-TV reported.

“We don’t charge domestic violence victims who falsely recant. We empathize with them, we support them, and we advocate for them,” the Santa Clara County District Attorney’s Office said in a statement to the news outlet.

While the statement didn't specifically address Foster's ex-girlfriend Elissa Ennis, it was in response to KPIX's inquiry about possible charges against the woman.

"What they’re saying is, we have no intention of prosecuting someone under these circumstances,” Steve Clark, a legal analyst, told the station.

On Wednesday, a judge dismissed the felony domestic violence charges against Foster during a hearing after Ennis took the stand.

The woman told the judge she made up the entire story because she was angry with NFL player for breaking up with her.

What's the backstory?

In February, authorities responded to a possible disturbance at a home where they spoke with Foster and Ennis.

Ennis told police that Foster punched her in the head multiple times, ruptured her eardrum, dragged her by her hair, and physically threw her out of the couple's Los Gatos home.

Authorities found a Sig Sauer 516 rifle and a large capacity magazine when they searched the house. Both are illegal in California.

Police arrested Foster and charged him with felony domestic violence, forcefully preventing a victim from reporting a crime, and illegal possession of an assault weapon.

Last month, Ennis admitted in a statement that Foster never assaulted or threatened her.

She said her injuries happened during a fight with another woman. After the fight, Foster tried to break up with Ennis, and she threatened to "trash his career."

NFL rules state that a player charged with domestic violence can be suspended for six games. The 49ers had made it clear last month that Foster  would be cut from the team if he was found guilty.

Why did they end up in court, if she admitted it was a lie?

Ennis initially recanted her story two days after the incident, but the district attorney decided to proceed with the charges. It's common for women to recant out of fear which is likely why the district attorney followed through on the case.

Attorney Stephanie Rickard advised against her client taking the stand, but Ennis did it anyway.

“I’m very proud of her for coming forward and doing the right thing,” Rickard said. “I think our system works because in the end the truth comes out.”

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