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Prof. blasts NRA as terrorist org, hides behind tenure: ‘White dude ... who doesn’t give a s***’

Image source: TheBlaze

A Virginia Tech professor called the National Rifle Association a "terrorist organization," but he apparently isn't facing any disciplinary action from his school over the remarks.

What did the professor say?

Just hours after May 18th's Santa Fe, Texas mass killing, professor Matthew Gabriele simply wrote, "The NRA is a terrorist organization."

Gabriele, a professor of Medieval Studies, also bragged about his tenure, describing himself as a "white dude with tenure who doesn't give a s***."

Gabriele's tweet about the NRA received a fair bit of attention and criticisms.

As a result of his remarks, a spokesperson for the school issued a statement.

Virginia Tech spokesperson Tracy Vosburgh told Fox News that Gabriele's decidedly anti-NRA tweet did not represent the university.

“Mr. Gabriele’s views are his and his alone,” Vosburgh told the outlet. “Any comment on his statement should come from him.”

Anything else?

These kinds of comments are par for the course with regard to Gabriele's political motivations.

In December, Gabriele declared that the "modern GOP" is "nothing but white supremacy."

He faced heavy criticism over his remarks, and instead of "clarifying" as one might when backed into a corner, Gabriele doubled down on the comments and profusely mocked those who disagreed with him.

According to Campus Reform, Gabriele also previously said that 2017 Virginia gubernatorial candidate Ed Gillespie ran a "racist campaign," which included the manipulation of "kneeling," "Confederate statues," "BS immigration fears," and "pedophiles."

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