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New Jersey third-grader credited with saving friend's life as she choked on a burrito at school

New Jersey third-grader Kori Scott, 9, was honored by East Orange Mayor Ted Green for saving the life of a friend who was choking in the cafeteria at Bowser Elementary School. (Image source: YouTube screenshot)

A third-grader from New Jersey is credited with saving the life of a choking friend at school, WLNY-TV reported.

What happened?

Kori Scott, 9, was recognized Thursday by the mayor of East Orange for her fast action and bravery, the TV station reported.

It happened about two weeks ago when Kori’s friend was eating a burrito in the cafeteria of Bowser Elementary school.

“I could just tell, because when I saw her starting to swallow, she stopped and started pounding on the table,” Kori told WLNY.

Her friend then left the lunchroom to look for a drinking fountain.

“I started following her and I came out, she was holding onto a rail,” Kori said.

Instantly, the third grader realized her friend would not be able to drink water if she was choking.

“I knew if she was holding onto the railing and she went to go lean her head over, she would have hit her head and she would have passed out,” Kori said. “So I pulled her over, did the Heimlich maneuver – one, two, three. But I did it one more time to make sure that she wasn’t choking.”

Kori said she first learned how to do the Heimlich after her father performed it on her when she was 3 years old.

Kori’s mother, Kiana, was proud when she found out about her daughter's heroic actions at school.

“I picked her up from school, the teacher came out near-tears and she was like ‘Kori did an exceptional job, an amazing job today.’ And I was like, ‘what?’ She said, ‘she saved a life,’ ” her mother said.

How was she honored?

East Orange Mayor Ted Green made the third-grader mayor-for-the-day on Friday.

“Kori’s smart instincts and quick action are the characteristics of a true hero,” Green said.

Kori told WLNY none of her friends asked her to teach them the Heimlich. But some asked for her autograph, she said.

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