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Chris Wallace pays tribute to Charles Krauthammer with emotional on-air interview: 'I love you

Chris Wallace pays tribute to Charles Krauthammer with touching message after the famed commentator reveals he has just weeks to live. (Image source: YouTube screenshot)

Charles Krauthammer, a longtime conservative political commentator, revealed on Friday that his cancer had returned and doctors issued him his final verdict — just weeks to live.

"My doctors tell me their best estimate is that I have only a few weeks left to live. This is the final verdict. My fight is over," Krauthammer wrote in an emotional final letter.

Krauthammer received an outpouring of support, from his longtime colleagues and intellectual peers, to those he often sparred with on Fox News. But no tribute was more touching than the one Fox News anchor Chris Wallace — and close Krauthammer friend — gave on air.

What did Wallace say?

Wallace revealed he learned of Krauthammer's diagnosis about 10 days prior when Fox News anchor Bret Baier shared a personal email with him. Wallace called Friday's announcement "quintessential Krauthammer."

"It is so graceful. It is so honest. It is so brave," Wallace said.

"I never, in all the years I knew Charles ever heard him express any sense of pity, ‘why me.' He led his life fully, vibrantly. Yes, he was very badly disabled. No use of his legs. Almost no use of his hands. And yet he lived a full life," Wallace explained.

You could hear the emotion in Wallace's voice.

"I think the thing that I admired most, and admire most about Charles, though, is that in a world in which we all, there’s a tendency to fall into tribes, you’re in this camp or this camp, Charles’ camp was his honesty, his values, his conviction. He could be lacerating in going after the excesses of liberalism, he could be just as tough going after the betrayals of his conservatism," Wallace said.

Then Wallace shared a message for Krauthammer, who he hoped was watching.

"Charles, if you’re out there, if you’re watching this with your beloved wife Robin and your dear son Daniel who I know have been such a support to you in so many ways, I want you to know that I love you, and feel so honored to consider myself a colleague of yours. You are a great man," he concluded.

Watch Wallace's tribute below:

Wallace's comments begin around 2:10.

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