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Party foul: Science says double-dipping can spread herpes, other diseases

Be careful with whom you choose to share your chips and dip. Scientists say you could be sharing more than you'd like. (Image source: YouTube screenshot)

Partygoers beware: Double-dipping can spread herpes, norovirus and streptococcus within a matter of minutes with even a small bit of the infected person's saliva. Let's all collectively be grossed out and take future precautions.

Eww! What?

Yah. So whenever you're at a party and people are scooping into a delicious artichoke dip or hummus, if one of those guests makes the forbidden error of taking a bite and then dipping the same chip again — the entire dish is contaminated. Run. Away.

And everyone better hope the offender doesn't have the herp, because it could spread like wildfire, according to microbiologists on Monday's episode of "Food Unwrapped." Under laboratory conditions, researchers tested various types of uncontaminated dips after co-host Matt Tebbutt double-dipped into each one.

Predictably, the tub of sour cream showed the most bacterial growth after two hours: 100 times more than pre-contamination. The scientists say that a human's mouth contains hundreds of different microorganisms, and any disease that can be transmitted through that saliva puts other innocent partgoers at risk.

This news is terrifying for everyone. It's not just those who avoided beer pong in their youth for fear of venereal diseases. Such exposure as this strikes to the heart of America, the mainstream God-fearing people who don't deserve such calamity in their lives.

Your annual Super Bowl party could be a cesspool. Chips and salsa at the Mexican place? Better get your own bowl. Sharing dessert at the restaurant? I hope you and your guests are close. And clean.

How can I save myself?

First off, get to any party early. I mean EARLY. Offer to help the hosts set up. Watch that stuff being put out...ignore the fact that someone might have licked the spoon while making it. Or don't. And bring your own food.

Hang out with people you're convinced don't have any of the abovementioned infectious diseases. But trust no one; you cannot be too careful. Maybe just eat beforehand.

The courageous researchers who divulged this information did have a few tips on which dips are the most dangerous. Anything with sour cream is a sure vehicle for sheer destruction, while thicker dips like hummus don't allow those nasty germs to be swirled around so easily.

Take caution, be safe, and practice responsible potlucks. The world is a dangerous place.


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