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Theft suspect locks keys in getaway car. Cops mock suspect mercilessly, hilariously on Facebook.

A Florida theft suspect reportedly locks his keys in his getaway car. And the Polk County Sheriff's Office had some fun with it on their Facebook page. (djedzura/Getty Images)

Florida's Polk County Sheriff's Office encountered a rather interesting suspect amid Fourth of July celebrations on Wednesday.

What are the details?

According to a viral post on the Polk County Sheriff's Office's Facebook page, a man reportedly attempted to steal from Love’s Travel Stop in Davenport, Florida, on Independence Day.

The suspect, however, apparently locked the keys in his getaway car, rendering him ... well, kind of useless as a thief.

A post on the sheriff's office's Facebook began, "Hold onto your guts folks ... because the way this criminal was caught is a real gut-buster."

The department went on to detail the incident, in which they were called to respond to an in-progress retail theft.

According to the post, "a detailed description of the suspect was provided, and there was a sense of urgency to get there because the suspect was heading to his getaway car."

When a deputy arrived to the location, he couldn't miss the suspect — because the suspect was reportedly still attempting to get into the getaway car — fruitlessly.

"Before going any further, we want you to stop for a moment and consider that all of the bad things in your life right now (minus death or major injury) might not be all that bad," the office's post continued. "Put yourself in the shoes of our suspect, who just swiped a $65 pair of headphones, and was making his way to his getaway car, only to realize that he locked his keys in the car. (Sad trombone music here) Just like that. Criminal dreams are crushed. Defeat sets in. And then embarrassment. See? The grass is always greener on the other side of a locked car. Back to the story."

What did the suspect do when he was caught?

According to the report, the deputy asked the suspect if he had taken anything from the store, the suspect reportedly admitted the theft — and then apologized.

"The headphones were taken away from the bad guy, and he was provided with a lovely set of silver bracelets," the post continued, noting that after the suspect's car had been towed, marijuana and scales were found in the vehicle.

The post noted that the suspect was arrested and taken to Polk County Jail, where he was charged with retail theft and "possession of wacky-weed and paraphernalia."

The Facebook posting concluded, "It was a bad 4th of July for our suspect ... got locked out and locked-up, and lost his freedom on the very day we celebrate freedom. God Bless the USA and all of that good stuff."

What else?

Some of the hashtags in the department's Facebook post included: #AAADoesNotUnlockGetawayCars, #Doh, #SeriouslyWeDidNotHaveToWorkToHardOnWritingThisOne, #AtLeastHeApologized, and #EpicFacePalm

You can see the full post below, which has been liked over 1,000 times.

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