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GOP continues to far out-raise Democrats for 2018 cycle. Here are the top 10 donors to both parties.

According to data from the Federal Election Commission, the GOP has about a $130 million fundraising advantage over the Democratic Party. (Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

This was supposed to be the year of the Democratic "blue wave" to take over Congress. Republican President Donald Trump remains polarizing and unpopular. Polls have shown the Democrats consistently leading the GOP in the generic congressional vote (though their advantage isn't as robust as it was at the end of 2017).

And yet, newly released data from the Federal Election Commission show that the Republican Party continues to out-fundraise the Democratic Party in the 2018 election cycle — by a lot.

Their current advantage? Nearly $130 million.

Where is the money being donated?

According to July 11 FEC data compiled by the Center for Responsive Politics and posted on the group's website, OpenSecrets.org, the GOP has raised $595 million so far in the 2018 cycle, while the Democrats have raised $469 million.

The totals include donations to all party affiliates, including the national, congressional, senatorial, and state committees.

Though the Republicans do have an overall advantage in the totals, Democrats currently hold a lead over the GOP in their respective House and Senate campaign committees, which are crucial for midterm congressional races.

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee leads the National Republican Congressional Committee $162 million to $127 million. And the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee holds a $12 million lead over the National Republican Senatorial Committee, $81 million to $69 million.

The GOP's overall advantage comes in donations to state committees and the nearly $100 million lead the RNC current holds over the DNC.

Table created by TheBlaze based on July 11, 2018, FEC data posted by the Center for Responsive Politics

Top 10 donors to the parties for 2018 cycle — so far:

Who are the leading PACs, individuals, and groups that have contributed to the more than $1 billion the two parties have collected so far?

According to the most recent data available at OpenSecrets.org, both parties would likely say it's some of the "usual suspects," including Hillary Clinton, George Soros, and the Koch Brothers.


● No. 1: Hillary for America — $3,519,055

● No. 2: Daga Inc — $2,278,297

● No. 3: Paloma Partners — $2,172,100

● No. 4: Simon Youth Foundation — $1,869,500

● No. 5: Renaissance Technologies — $1,458,776

● No. 6: Nancy Pelosi for Congress — $1,326,797

● No. 7: Soros Fund Management — $1,183,435

● No. 8: Samerian Foundation — $971,500

● No. 9: Newsweb Corp — $949,200

● No. 10: Jon Ossoff for Congress — $940,424


● No. 1: Ryan for Congress — $7,547,201

● No. 2: Renaissance Technologies — $1,854,500

● No. 3: Koch Industries — $1,756,420

● No. 4: McHenry for Congress — $1,615,494

● No. 5: Station Casinos — $1,420,600

● No. 6: Charles Schwab Corp — $1,339,570

● No. 7: Stewart & Stevenson — $1,213,100

● No. 8: Stephens Group — $1,193,460

● No. 9: Ariel Corp — $1,026,320

● No. 10: Stivers for Congress — $1,020,200

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