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Anthony Scaramucci shames Trump supporters who heckled CNN’s Jim Acosta: ‘It’s not who we are’

Former White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci slams Trump supporters who heckled CNN reporter Jim Acosta. (Image source: YouTube screenshot/Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images)

Former White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci slammed the myriad Trump supporters who heckled CNN reporter Jim Acosta during a Tuesday night rally in Tampa, Florida.

What's the background?

President Donald Trump appeared at a rally to support gubernatorial candidate Rep. Ron DeSantis (R-Fla) on Tuesday night.

While on the air, Acosta — who was covering the Tampa rally — told CNN's Wolf Blitzer that those in the audience were displeased at CNN's presence at the rally.

“There is no other way to describe what the White House is doing these days, Wolf,” Acosta said. “Top officials, including the president, are hiding from the press.”

“And Wolf, just to give you a sense of what’s happening right now,” Acosta added, “you can hear there is a chorus of boos and other chants in this Trump crowd here in Tampa, Florida.”

Acosta noted that those in the audience were chanting things like "CNN sucks" as well as "go home" and "fake news."

“Wolf, obviously all of those things are false,” Acosta added. “We’re staying right here, we’re going to do our job and report on this rally to all of our viewers here tonight, Wolf.”

What did Scaramucci say?

On Wednesday, the former White House communications director went after those giving Acosta a hard time for doing his job.

Scaramucci wrote on Twitter, "This isn’t our best. It’s not who we are. I don’t always agree and am often upset with journalists but we are flashing warning lights now that we shouldn’t be flashing. The free press needs to be protected as well as their opinions. That’s why that Amendment was First."

Scaramucci's tweet was in response to a Tuesday night tweet made by Acosta, which read, "Just a sample of the sad scene we faced at the Trump rally in Tampa. I’m very worried that the hostility whipped up by Trump and some in conservative media will result in somebody getting hurt. We should not treat our fellow Americans this way. The press is not the enemy."

Acosta's tweet also featured a video from the event.

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