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Teens crash van into pot shop, make off with stash of oregano

A group of teens crashed a vehicle into a pot shop and made off with displays of oregano. The marijuana is kept behind four levels of security, including a locked safe, the shop owner said. (Image source: Video screenshot)

Some Colorado teens made off with some herbs after allegedly crashing a van into a pot shop, but they didn't end up with the herbs they were hoping for, KCNC-TV reported.

As it turned out, the thieves wound up with a bunch of oregano.

What happened?

Shortly after 1 a.m. Wednesday, the teens drove a vehicle through the storefront of Native Roots, a marijuana shop in Colorado Springs, KCNC reported.

The suspects took items that were on display inside the shop, Native Roots' owner Kim Casey told KKTV-TV.

"We have pre-rolled joints on display in our packaging in our display cases, and we do not put actual medicated product in them so we use oregano to simulate the cannabis," she said.

Casey explained that the marijuana is kept behind four levels of security, including a locked safe.


What did the witness say?

A witness said he heard the vehicle crash into the building.

“I was coming out from work, and all of a sudden we heard this big old crash,” witness Brent Wrathbone told KKTV. “[The suspects] came out with bunches of marijuana in their arms.”

Wrathbone said the suspects jumped into a separate getaway car and made off with their stash.

"I decided just to call the cops and we decided to get their plate number and everything, and then I get a beer bottle thrown at me," he said.

The van, which turned out to be stolen, was left behind still running, according to authorities.

What else?

Police are still looking for the four suspects.

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