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After all that testimony, it still comes down to who you believe

After all that testimony, it still comes down to who you believe

Finally, yesterday was the big day. After two weeks of sniping that felt like two months, the Senate Judiciary Committee finally heard testimony from Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh and one of his accusers, Christine Blasey Ford.

After all the allegations, innuendos, exclusive interviews, and negotiations, Americans had the chance to make up their minds whether Brett Kavanaugh is worthy of being nominated to the Supreme Court, or whether he's a scumbag. Actually, people's minds were already made up before a single question was asked. And that was the frustrating part of the eight-hour-long charade – there is no way to discern the absolute truth about what allegedly happened 36 years ago.

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It was a big moment for the nation Thursday, with no real upside. Nothing was really resolved, except to check the box that both the accused and the alleged victim had the opportunity to testify. It was really just a political show. And boy did we get a show. One highlight was Sen.Cory Booker suddenly showing a love for the Declaration of Independence when he quoted, "our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor." Maybe he thinks that's a Spartacus quote.

Republicans tried to point out the political gamesmanship of Democrats in their desperation to block Kavanaugh. Democrats tried to convince America that Democrats have a monopoly on caring for women.

In the end, it was all very predictable.

In the end, it was all very predictable.

In their questioning of Ford, Democrats reiterated Ford's "heroism" in coming forward with her allegation. Ford received no tough questions from Democrats because they believe her story unconditionally. Now the trend is to believe survivors at all cost.

But it wasn't always that way. They conveniently forgot how the left never believed Juanita Broaddrick's sexual assault allegation against former President Bill Clinton.

Democrats also repeatedly complained about the lack of an FBI investigation into Ford's story. But short of time travel, it's hard to understand how they think the FBI would be able to discover anything conclusive about 36-year-old generalized allegations. And let's be honest, if these allegations against Kavanaugh have any merit, and the FBI never found a hint of them through multiple previous background checks, then the FBI is dangerously incompetent.

Judiciary Committee chairman, Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa), reminded the room of Kavanaugh's previous FBI background checks, but it doesn't matter, because minds were already made up.

The alternating format of the hearing, bouncing between Republican and Democratic senators made it impossible to truly examine Ford's claims. Every five minutes, serious questions from prosecutor Rachel Mitchell were interrupted by glowing tributes from Democrats about Ford's bravery and heroism. When it was Kavanaugh's turn, the hearing format provided relief from the SNL-like absurdity of Democrats grilling him about teenage inside jokes from his 1982 high school yearbook.

For his part, Kavanaugh was emphatic and surprisingly emotional during his opening statement.

For his part, Kavanaugh was emphatic and surprisingly emotional during his opening statement. He forcefully denied Ford's accusation. He was clearly annoyed by the Democrats' role in turning his confirmation hearing into a circus, and blamed them for ruining his family's life over the past two weeks.

Ford came off looking like a confused damsel in distress. She was often flustered and could barely answer a question without advice from her two lawyers. Still, she was mostly believable.

Kavanaugh came off looking understandably angry and rattled at times. His answers to all the questions about his high school beer consumption didn't do him any favors. Yet, he was also believable.

There was a lot of talk yesterday about what the hearing was not – that it wasn't a court trial, nor was it really a job interview for Kavanaugh. What it was, for the most part, was a complete joke.

UPDATE: Here's how the discussion went on radio. Watch the video below.


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