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Book Review: 'Addicted To Outrage' By Glenn Beck

Glenn Beck

"How Thinking Like A Recovering Addict Can Heal The Country"

Glenn Beck, bestselling author and founder of The Blaze, has proven himself fearless throughout his lengthy career.

In his new book, "Addicted To Outrage: How Thinking Like A Recovering Addict Can Heal The Country," Beck offers solutions for our bitterly divided nation.

The book opens with an examination of outrage, and an explanation as to why it’s become so addictive. The partisan divide between Republicans and Democrats, and an irrational fear of the other side, Beck writes, has created spectacular levels of political isolation.

"Our capacity for outrage has reached the point of the ridiculous," Becks notes in the opening chapter.

In a call to unity, Beck implores Americans to stop screaming over issues that keep us separated, and instead focus on what binds us together. Partisan division has kept our attention focused on trivialities, which has blinded us to greater common threats, like an increasingly digitized world, according to Beck.

Throughout his career, Beck has sought to offer solutions rather than simply complain about problems. Much like his prior works, "Addicted To Outrage" is thorough, hopeful, and full of wisdom. It provides a roadmap to fix our broken way of thinking.

When I was in college, I experienced the same outrage that Beck discusses in his book, and it was driving me to the Left. Before too long, I was allowing myself to be pulled into a victim mentality, placing blame on others for my own problems. Someone gave me a copy of Beck’s "An Inconvenient Book," and my eyes were opened. I realized that I needed to take personal responsibility, which allowed me to put my own chaos in order. "Addicted to Outrage" is imbued with the same thoughtfulness that has become a hallmark of Glenn Beck’s writing.

For more information, check out the video below in which Daily Wire Editor-in-Chief Ben Shapiro speaks with Glenn Beck about the issues raised in his new book, and a whole lot more:

(This article first appeared on The Daily Wire on Sept. 29, 2018)

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