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Interior Dept. warns employees not to dress up like Trump for Halloween - here's why

An email obtained from the Interior Department warned employees that they should avoid dressing up like President Donald Trump for Halloween. (BEHROUZ MEHRI/AFP/Getty Images)

An email obtained by the Daily Beast contained a warning to employees of the Interior Department against dressing up like President Donald Trump for Halloween.

The email said that as federal employees, they are not allowed to use their station to campaign for or against a candidate.

"While we enjoy the Halloween activities this afternoon," the email read, "it is important to remember that employees should not wear costumes that resemble candidates for partisan political office."

"Please keep in mind that President Donald J. Trump is officially a candidate for re-election," it continued.

The email said that costumes could be considered a violation of the Hatch Act, a law which prohibits federal employees from using official resources to campaign for a "partisan political office."

"A federal employee dressing up as a candidate for an agency Halloween party poses a challenging problem because it is unclear if the individual’s costume choice is meant to be taken as a sign of support for or opposition to a particular candidate or just merely a selection based on what is currently trending in pop culture," the email explained.

Trump probably wouldn't mind if they did

In 2016, while on the campaign trail, then-candidate Donald Trump stopped a rally to compliment the resemblance on a Halloween mask. "Wow, that's beautiful!" he said.

"Look at that!" he remarked after retrieving the mask from the crowd. "Looks just like me!!"

"Nice head of hair!" he laughed.

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