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Seth Meyers blasts CNN suit: Want to bring Trump down? ‘Stop inviting liars on your network.’

Late-night TV show host Seth Meyers roasts CNN for suing President Donald Trump and 5 other people in his administration. (Image source: YouTube screenshot)

Late-night TV show host Seth Meyers isn't particularly impressed with CNN's decision to sue President Donald Trump and members of his administration over White House correspondent Jim Acosta's suspended press pass.

On Tuesday, CNN filed a lawsuit against Trump and five other people in response to the White House's decision to rescind Acosta's press pass.

The administration decided to suspend Acosta's pass after he and the president clashed during a White House news conference last week, in which Acosta refused to hand over the microphone to a female White House intern.

On Wednesday, Fox News President Jay Wallace announced that the network stands with CNN, and will support its suit against Trump and members of his administration.

What did Meyers say?

During NBC's "Late Show with Seth Meyers" Tuesday, Meyers said that there was no point in suing the president, because he "lives for lawsuits."

"Really, you want to go after Trump with a lawsuit?" Meyers asked. "That guy lives for lawsuits. He's been served more than the Big Mac. Trying to sue him is like trying to drown a fish."

Meyers went on to point out CNN's predilection for booking people whom he called "liars" on the network to sing the president's praises — and seemed to point out two of said "liars" with an on-screen graphic in the process.

“You really want to go after him, stop inviting liars on your network to tell everybody how great he is,” Meyers said, and showed a graphic of former White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci and Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway.

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