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Chief border agent says violent mob pushed women, children to the front lines of border scuffle

The U.S. chief border agent said the mob pushed women and children to the front in the scuffle Sunday at the U.S.-Mexico border. (Mario Tama/Getty Images)

San Diego Chief Border Patrol Agent Rodney Scott says that migrants violently attempting to enter the U.S. were pushing women and children to the front lines of defense when the U.S. responded to the mob's efforts to enter illegally.

On Sunday, U.S. Border Patrol agents, on the order of the Trump administration, deployed tear gas and pepper balls to prevent migrants from breaching the U.S.-Mexico border at Tijuana.

In a Monday segment on CNN, Scott said that the U.S. agency is looking at a group of adult males who threw rocks at government agents during Sunday's scuffle at the border.

Scott noted that many men were using women and children as shields, and hid behind the women and children as they launched rocks at federal agents.

"Several agents were actually struck by rocks," Scott said to CNN's John Berman and Alisyn Camerota. “What we saw over and over yesterday was that the group — the caravan, as we call them — would push women and children to the front and then begin, basically, rocking our agents.”

Scott was adamant that agents did not intentionally target women or children with the gas, but said that they would have likely been subjected to the agent after it was deployed.

“[O]nce that chemical is released, it does go through the air,” he explained.

(H/T: The Daily Caller)

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