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Dem congresswoman compares getting abortion to a colonoscopy and 'wisdom teeth removal'


'My gums, my choice'

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So long to "safe, rare, and legal." According to Rep. Jackie Speier (D-Calif.), getting an abortion is akin to routine medical procedures like wisdom tooth removals and colonoscopies.

LifeSiteNews reports the House member tried downplaying the health risks involved with abortion by comparing it to a tooth extraction and other common surgeries.

"Abortion is extremely safe," said Speier in a tweet. "The risk of complication is lower than from a colonoscopy, wisdom tooth removal or a tonsillectomy, which do not require admitting privileges."

What is she talking about?

The California congresswoman was commenting on June Medical Services v. Russo, a case that is currently before the Supreme Court, in which the plaintiffs are challenging a Louisiana law requiring abortion centers to have arrangements with nearby hospitals to admit women in the event of life-threatening complications.

In the video she posted, Speier insists the case "has nothing to do with health care and has everything to do with politics."

She added, "Abortions are one of the safest procedures you could do on an outpatient basis....safer than doing an endoscopy or wisdom teeth extraction."

Speier's comments were blasted by conservatives who characterized them as absurd. "My gums, my choice," said a commentator. Meanwhile, writer Stephen Miller remarked, "I remember when I thought about extracting my wisdom teeth but chose not to and now they are a healthy loving teenager I thank god for every day."

The Supreme Court Case

CNN reported Wednesday that key Supreme Court justices indicated that they are amenable to upholding the Louisiana law, despite the Court striking down a similar Texas statute four years ago. Chief Justice John Roberts and Associate Justice Brett Kavanaugh were said to have asked questions suggesting that "the Louisiana law that requires doctors to have admitting privileges in local hospitals could serve a valid purpose."

Kavanaugh pressed a lawyer representing June Medical Services by asking whether it was their position that similar admitting privilege laws are "always unconstitutional." The associate justice also questioned whether such a law could ever have a "valid" purpose, reported CNN.

The network also stated:

Louisiana Solicitor General Elizabeth B. Murrill says that clinics in the state have a "long disturbing" history of serious health and safety problems, abortion carries "known risks for serious complications" and that the act would bring abortion practice "into conformity" with the privilege requirements for doctors performing other outpatient surgeries. The penalty for violating the law is not more than $4,000 per violation.

The Supreme Court is expected to decide the case by July.

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