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Actress Kristy Swanson not happy that teacher at son's school allegedly won't stand for pledge — and tells students they can join her


'I expect a teacher in our public school to be a good example & show respect'

Photo by Michael Tran/Getty Images

Actress Kristy Swanson is taking issue with a teacher at her son's school who allegedly won't stand for the Pledge of Allegiance.

Swanson — starring this month with fellow conservative Dean Cain in a stage show featuring readings of anti-Trump text messages between former FBI agent Peter Strzok and former FBI lawyer Lisa Page — shared her story Monday in a reply to a tweet by Turning Point USA's Charlie Kirk encouraging parents to homeschool their kids.

Swanson — also known for her starring role in the iconic teen flick "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" — added that her son's friend said the teacher also invites students to not stand for the pledge. The actress didn't identify the school or the teacher in her tweet.


At least one Twitter user took issue with Swanson's tweet, saying the teacher was exercising freedom of speech and that Swanson should "take the time to read more refined historic documents" before posting her views.

But Swanson didn't back down from the poster's "snippy" message: "No matter what country I am in, I personally stand for their anthem & show respect. I expect a teacher in our public school to be a good example & show respect."

How did others react?

While there's certainly a difference between standing for another country's anthem and reciting a pledge to a nation, a number of commenters agreed with Swanson's sentiments:

  • "Absolutely. Respect. Consideration. Courtesy. All behavior lacking in certain segments of the population."
  • "[N]ot standing for the Pledge of Allegiance or our National Anthem is flat out disrespectful."
  • "You're a wonderful role model and patriotic citizen. Good for you!"
  • "When the left goes personal you've already defeated the emotional individual."
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