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‘Adulting Day’ teaches Gen Z, millennials how do to adult things — like paying bills, changing tires, and interacting with cops


Well, somebody's gotta do it

Image source: WAVE-TV screenshot

High school seniors are taught important life skills on "Adulting Day" at Bullitt Central High School in Shepherdsville, Kentucky.

... Really?

Yes, really.

According to WAVE-TV, the event was held on Wednesday at the school, and featured speakers from the U.S. Army, banking institutions, churches, police departments, and more.

Christy Hardin, director of the BCHS Family Resource & Youth Services Center, organized the daylong event for students in order to help prepare them for duties of the real world.

Some of the skills taught — or at least discussed, anyway — included cooking, changing a tire, managing finance, and interacting with police officers during traffic stops.

Hardin told WAVE that she was inspired to create the event from remarks she discovered on Facebook: Parents wishing that their children would have classes focused on money management and honing culinary skills.

“I think that the idea occurred to me originally, I saw a Facebook post that parents passed around saying they needed a class in high school on taxes, and cooking," Hardin explained. “Our kids can get that, but they have to choose it. And [Wednesday] was a day they could pick and choose pieces they didn't feel like they had gotten so far."

Is this a new thing?

Sort of.

According to WLNY-TV, such classes are becoming commonplace in millennials' lives — and even those out of school for many years, and approaching 30 years old.

One woman, 29-year-old Elena Toumaras, told the station that she opted to attend such a course because she has an issue with "simple things" that her parents simply always did for her.

"I was so used to, when living at home, my mom always cooking," she explained. "Doing simple things now that I'm on my own, I'm struggling with it."

The station also reported on a "Adulting School," which was co-founded by Rachel Flehinger, in Portland, Maine.

Flehinger said that she plans to launch online classes for millennials who want to learn about things like "how to sew a button, understand modern art, or tell someone they love them" as well as "how to have a relationship, how to talk so someone," and "how not to fight."

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