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Alabama family says they returned from church to find their home in flames. But they say God sent them an incredible message through the fire.


'We've got our faith'

Image source: Fox News video screenshot

An Alabama family returned home one day after church, only to discover their home engulfed in flames.

They were even more astounded when they found out that their family Bible made it through the fire completely unscathed and insist that the happening is part of a greater message from God himself.

What are the details?

The Byrd family appeared on Fox Nation's "Ainsley's Bible Study" where they recalled their feelings when they discovered that their home was consumed in a January blaze.

Homeowner Scott Byrd told host Ainsley Earhardt, "The fireman comes out [of the home] and he has tears in his eyes, and he says, 'You have to come and see this ... you're not going to believe it.'"

He followed the firefighter, who showed him the family's Bible — which was completely untouched by the flames that enveloped their home. The fire had destroyed all of the family's possessions, but the Bible remained scorch-free.

"He said, 'You're not going to believe it,' and I walk in, and I'm like, you know, what could it be, there's nothing left but charcoal and stucks," Byrd recalled.

There was the family's Bible, its pages filled with the smell of smoke, but without a mark on it.

"There are no burn marks on this bible," he told Earhardt, "and you can smell smoke when you open it up, which they deal with every week in church."

Byrd explained that they see the Bible's survival as a message straight from God.

"I just look at that as God telling me, don't give up," he said. "And everything that comes at us in life, it's not gonna get us down — because we know that God is by us and we got our faith, and that's something nobody can take away."

"The power of prayer is amazing," Byrd added. "We've been to a point where we didn't know what was gonna happen next and God knew, he blessed us with miracles so many times ... and we'll stand strong — we've got our faith."

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