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MS-13 gang members, child sex offenders, arrested by US Border Patrol agents


U.S. Border Patrol agents arrested two convicted sex offenders and two MS-13 gang members this week — and all of them were previously deported from the U.S., the Daily Mail reported.

The arrests happened during four separate incidents near the border in Arizona and Texas, U.S. Customs and Border Protection announced.

What are their backgrounds?

One of the men, a 46-year-old Mexican national, was convicted in 2002 of unlawful sexual contact with a minor in Mesa, Arizona. He was apprehended after he illegally entered the U.S. on Wednesday near Lukeville, Arizona.

On Thursday evening, agents from the Nogales Border Patrol station in Arizona arrested a 24-year-old El Salvadorian national. While the man's arrest was being processed, agents found records indicating that showed he is a member of MS-13, a violent trans-national crime organization that operates in many areas of the U.S.

Both suspects are considered felons who were previously removed from the country, the report stated. They now face federal criminal immigration charges.

Border Patrol agents use biometric criminal history checks to positively identify illegal immigrants with criminal histories.

On Wednesday in Eagle Pass, Texas, agents arrested a 26-year-old Honduran national after he illegally entered the U.S. Agents also discovered that he had a 2012 conviction for sexually fondling a child in New Brunswick, New Jersey, according to reports. He served 255 days in prison, was registered as a sex offender and was removed from the U.S. in 2013.

And on Tuesday, agents with the Eagle Pass North Station arrested a Honduran national near Eagle Pass shortly after attempted to illegally cross the Rio Grande River. Records revealed that he was previously deported and is a confirmed MS-13 gang member. His prior order of removal is being reinstated, the news outlet reported. He also faces prosecution for reentry after deportation, which carries a prison term of up to 20 years.

How is the problem being addressed?

The Supreme Court on Friday struck down a proposal to ban asylum claims from people caught crossing the border illegally between ports of entry.

Chief Justice John Roberts and four of his more liberal colleagues ruled against it. New Justice Brett Kavanaugh and three other conservative justices supported the Trump administration's proposed ban. Neither side of the issue explained their votes, according to the report.

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