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Father rushed to Allen Outlets to save son from mass shooting, but nothing would prepare him for what he experienced: 'Just unfathomable to see carnage'

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A frantic father rushed to the Allen Premium Outlets on Saturday after his son informed him there was a shooting at the mall in Texas. However, nothing would prepare the concerned dad for what he would encounter next.

Steven Spainhouer – a former police officer and former Army officer – received a call from his son on Saturday. His son – who works at the H&M store at the Allen Premium Outlets – told Spainhouer that there was an active shooting situation. He said that he couldn't contact 911 because the phone lines were busy.

Spainhouer instructed his son to shelter in place and to not open the door.

Spainhouer then raced to the outlet mall, which took him approximately six minutes. He was surprised to see that no police or EMTs were at the site of the shooting.

Spainhouer told KHOU, "I never imagined in 100 years I would be thrust into the position of being the first first responder on the site to take care of people."

"I found seven people shot in front of the store," Spainhouer told MSNBC. He called 911 and told them, "We have a mass casualty incident."

"The first girl I walked up to was crouched down covering her head in the bushes, so I felt for a pulse, pulled her head to the side and she had no face," he explained.

Speaking about the third victim he attempted to help, "I started chest compressions on him, he spit up blood, and then he just looked at me and expired in front of me."

"The others were too far gone," he said.

Spainhouer found a child who survived the mass shooting by being protected by his deceased mother.

He said, "So when I rolled the mother over, he came out, and I asked him, 'Are you OK?'"

The boy said, "My mom is hurt, my mom is hurt."

"So rather than traumatize him anymore, I put him around the corner, sat him down," Spainhouer recalled. "He was covered from head to toe, like somebody poured blood on him."

"No one can see what they saw today and not be affected by it. It's not a situation that I would wish upon anybody. It's just unfathomable to see the carnage," he said.

"It's tough when you see a family that's out shopping, having fun, then get wiped off the face of the Earth because somebody with a gun has some other type of issue," Spainhouer declared.

Eight people were shot and killed at the Allen Premium Outlets, located about 25 miles north of Dallas. There are at least seven others injured during the mass shooting.

Authorities have yet to release the name of the shooter.

WFAA reported that the suspect is in his 30s and lived with his parents in Dallas.

The outlet noted that the FBI questioned the family at their Dallas home, adding that investigators "have also asked for a translator."

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Texas mall shooting: Store employee talks about what he saw during shooting rampagewww.youtube.com

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