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Pro-Trump musician dropped from record label after attending Trump rally prior to US Capitol riots


'[I] was in dc to peacefully show my support for the president'

Xavi Torrent/WireImage

Musician Ariel Pink, known for indie rock and pop tracks, was dumped from his record label this week after he attended President Donald Trump's rally in Washington, D.C., on Wednesday, which proceeded the riot at the U.S. Capitol building.

What are the details?

Mexican Summer, a New York-based record label, announced Friday that it had dropped Pink from its portfolio of artists.

"Due to recent events, Mexican Summer and its staff have decided to end our working relationship with Ariel Rosenberg AKA Ariel Pink moving forward," the record label tweeted.

Prior to the announcement, Pink "had been the subject of a furor in the indie-rock world after confirming that he had been in D.C. for the rally," Variety reported.

However, the musician claimed on social media that, although he was present at the rally, he did not participate in the deadly riots at the U.S. Capitol.

Pink explained on Twitter, "[I] was in dc to peacefully show my support for the president. i attended the rally on the white house lawn and went back to hotel and took a nap. case closed."

More from Variety:

Subsequently, incendiary comments Pink had made in a podcast in December came to light that may have further endangered his relationships in the music community. Pink said of anyone who can "still be a Democrat at this point… to me it's like all of a sudden all their intelligence just got shown to be a complete farce. All the smarts in the world that they had, all their artistic f****** genius… was just window dressing."

Meanwhile, Pink explained last month that he is "not MAGA," a reference to Trump's platform of "Make America Great Again," but that he stands against President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris.

Pink said, "[I]m not maga. i simply think that trump is the only thing standing in the way of total collapse. the lying media psychos gunning for Biden/Harris presidency are more terrifying to me."

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