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VIDEO: Biden campaign adviser melts down on CNN over one simple question


"I'm going to interrupt you when you're not answering the question..."

Image Source: YouTube screenshot

An adviser for the Joe Biden presidential campaign got into a shouting match on CNN when the host pressed her about Biden's disappointing performance in the Iowa caucuses and whether those results were reliable.

Senior campaign adviser Symone Sanders refused to answer a question from CNN host Brianna Keilar during the fiery debate and tried to talk over her.

“I want to pin you down on this, this is very important," said Keilar. "Yes, I already said that, the data is partial, but that said, that's not what we heard from [Biden deputy campaign manager] Kate Bedingfield, she wasn't saying that it was partial, she was saying that this process threw into question the legitimacy of the data as we have seen it. Is that true? Should we doubt, in your view, in the campaign's view …"

Sanders interrupted, to which Keilar responded, "Let me finish, Symone. I let you finish, let me finish."

"You didn't, actually, but go ahead," Sanders interjected.

"I did before, multiple times," Keilar said, before asking again, "Are you saying we should doubt the numbers that we see?"

Sanders cited "failures across the process," but did not answer directly if the results are reliable.

"I'm going to interrupt you when you're not answering the question," Keilar interrupted. "Is this data correct? In your view, is it correct?"

Sanders continued to speak over Keilar and grew more combative about her question, but did not answer it directly.

Biden admitted that the disappointing partial results from the Iowa caucuses were a "gut punch" to the campaign. The Iowa caucuses were a disaster for the state party after results were delayed, and the embarrassing debacle was compounded by public relations mismanagement.

Here's the video of the exchange:


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