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UPDATED: Apple Podcasts deplatforms 'The Glenn Beck Program'

UPDATED: Apple Podcasts deplatforms 'The Glenn Beck Program'

Update: Hours after the show and its over 3,000 episodes were removed from Apple Podcasts, "The Glenn Beck Program" reappeared on the platform. Blaze Media co-founder Glenn Beck thanked everyone "on the left, right and everyone in between ... who spoke up" in the face of what appeared to many to be an act of censorship, adding that it was not yet clear precisely why the removal had taken place.

"The Glenn Beck Program," which airs free of outside influence or censorship on BlazeTV, appears to have been deplatformed by Apple Podcasts.

In addition to being prevented from going live with his latest episode, all of the show's previous podcasts have been removed.

The host of the program, nationally syndicated radio host and Blaze Media co-founder Glenn Beck, indicated that the Apple Podcasts Team notified him early Wednesday afternoon that his show had been removed after they had "found an issue with [his show] ... which must be resolved before it's available on Apple Podcasts."

"I have a feel these 'issues' with @Apple and others will keep happening the more we're over the target," wrote Beck.

In a corresponding video, Beck expressed confusion about what "they're basing this one on," noting that there had been no warning or strikes."

The episode the corporate giant appeared keen to preclude from going out to millions of listeners was entitled, "Trump vs. Biden: Which is the Crime Family?"

Beck publicly pondered whether "today's podcast asking who the REAL crime family is had something to do with this apparent censorship by Apple," adding that the show will still be available at BlazeTV.

Speaking to the significance of his show's removal from the platform, Beck told TheBlaze, "We have millions of listeners on Apple. It has always been fair to us. I cannot imagine what we might have done to deserve this as we do our best to hit their standards. This will mean the loss of a major fan base and revenue. We have abided by their rules."

"You may not like what I say but when did we stop being the country that would 'fight for your right to say it?'" Beck continued. "You may not like Adele (I do) but you don't ban her music on Apple as long as she is playing by the rules."

While Beck indicated that he is "praying that it is all just a mistake," he fears it may be "more sinister as we were not given any notice, strike, or even a note explaining what we might have done."

"Freedom of speech goes two ways. If I am a private company, I can choose to do business with anyone," said Beck. "And so can Apple. However, we have seen in great detail how this White House has weaponized the government and social media. That is not called freedom, that is called fascism."

BlazeTV host Steve Deace tweeted, "Oh my. Even if it is a glitch, these 'glitches' only seem to go one way."

In light of this latest apparent effort to silence the conservative host, TheBlaze announced that it would be offering $30 off BlazeTV subscriptions with the code "WILLNOTBECENSORED."

TheBlaze reached out to Apple Podcasts for comment, but did not hear back immediately.

This is a developing story. It has been updated to include a statement from Glenn Beck.

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