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British company selling $650 'thought box' to help people think


The black cardboard box comes with ear plugs, fabric liners and a stool to sit on while you think

Jana J. Pruet/TheBlaze

An online British store is selling a "thought box" for people who need help thinking.

No, really.

The Form Emporium is selling its limited edition "thought box" for a mere $650, Insider reported.

"It is intended as a personal space in which to simply think," according to the website.

What on earth?

The "Thought Box" is literally a black cardboard box that the user places over their head to give them privacy and help them think. Inside the box is an adjustable plastic helmet.

The set comes with a pair of ear plugs and five colored filters that can be swapped out depending on a person's mood, according to the description on the website.

It also comes with its very own "thought stool" made from solid beech.


British broadcaster Jeremy Vine recently shared the box on Twitter.

"Not On The High Street is selling this "Thought Box" for £395 - with the idea being when you need to think, you sit on the stool and put the box on your head to gather your thoughts.
Hmm... are you tempted to get one?!" Vine tweeted.

One user pointed out that the "loo" is just as effective.

Another said the box would give the buyer a place to reflect on how "dim" they were to "waste that kinda money."

What else?

The company describes the cardboard box as an "original and curious piece of furniture that promotes mental efficiency in the user."

But you'd better hurry if you want to get your hands, or head, on one of these gems because there are only 10 units to be had.

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