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Mysterious vehicle buried decades ago discovered in the back yard of multimillion-dollar mansion. Cadaver dogs detect possible human remains.

Atherton Police Commander Daniel Larsen (Image Source: KTVU video screenshot)

On Thursday morning, police were called out to a multimillion-dollar mansion in Silicon Valley over reports that a buried vehicle was discovered during a landscaping project.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, the Atherton suburb property was built in 1990 and is valued at $15 million. Paul Saab, a Meta software engineer, and his wife, angel investor Christal Condon Saab, purchased the five-bedroom, seven-bath home in March 2020.

The homeowners alerted police as a precaution and noted that contractors working in the back yard discovered the vehicle while excavating the yard for a landscaping project, KTVU reported. A contractor working at the property said that the vehicle was a Mercedes.

Police stated that the car was buried four to five feet deep sometime in the 1990s, though authorities did not reveal what led them to that conclusion. They noted that the vehicle's interior was packed with dirt and contained some unused bags of concrete.

Because authorities were not sure why the vehicle was buried, they brought cadaver dogs to investigate the scene. The police reported that the dogs picked up a trace of possible human remains.

Atherton Police Commander Daniel Larsen told the New York Post that, at this time, no remains have been located.

The local crime lab was brought in to assist with the excavation of the vehicle. Thursday evening, Larsen stated that the top of the car had been unearthed. He noted that investigators would need to carefully remove the dirt from the interior of the vehicle to avoid compromising any potential evidence, a process that may take several days.

Since the vehicle was buried long before the current owners purchased the home, authorities noted that the couple is not under suspicion.

The registered owner of the buried vehicle is being investigated, but police are not currently releasing the name. However, KNTV reported that the vehicle's VIN and license plate were linked to a former owner of the home.

According to Fox News, records indicated that the previous owners lived in the 12,643-square-foot home from 1990 to 2014.

The motive and circumstances surrounding the mysterious buried car are currently being investigated. No further details have been released at this time.

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