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Results from CBS News poll on mass shootings lead to online liberal meltdown
Image Source: CBS Mornings YouTube video screenshot

Results from CBS News poll on mass shootings lead to online liberal meltdown

A CBS News poll found that many Republicans believed mass shootings were something Americans need to accept in a free society and the results led to furious outrage from many on the left.

The poll conducted by YouGov found that 44% of Republicans answered that mass shootings need to be accepted in a free society. 56% of Republicans said they could be prevented if "we really tried."

Overall, 72% of people polled said mass shootings were preventable while only 28% said they would need to accepted.

Among Democrats, 15% said shootings have to be accepted while 85% said they were preventable.

The partisan nature of the results led many on social media to excoriate Republicans.

"I’m sorry, but living with the threat of random mass violence isn’t freedom," tweeted Nina Turner.

"This ain't freedom. Freedom is sending your kids to school to learn, not get shot. To get groceries, not get shot. To go out dancing, not get shot," responded Dr. Scott Hadland.

"Mass shootings is something to have to accept? What kind of demented thinking accepts the mass killing of innocent people?!!" read another tweet.

"44% of Republicans believe that child sacrifice is necessary to prevent the god named Second Amendment from becoming angry and eating our freedom," replied another detractor.

"Uuummm this is not normal, this is pure madness. And not anything to do with a 'free' society," read another popular tweet.

"Once again for the people all the way in the back, the GQP aren’t pro-life nor do they care about kids. When you accept mass murder, you’re as evil as can be," replied a liberal commentator.

"F*** THE US I have no f***ing hope for this country at all, I'm getting the f*** out the first chance I get," declared another critic.

The same poll in 2017 found that a majority of gun owners said we needed to accept mass shootings, while 67% of respondents who don't own guns said they could be stopped with more effort.

Here's a news video about the poll on gun control:

CBS News poll: Americans favor stricter gun laws, believe mass shootings can be preventedwww.youtube.com

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