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Progressive Cenk Uygur smashed by the left and right for admitting Dem-controlled LA is 'close to anarchy,' gets labeled a 'grifter'
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Progressive Cenk Uygur smashed by the left and right for admitting Dem-controlled LA is 'close to anarchy,' gets labeled a 'grifter'

Progressive commentator Cenk Uygur bellyached about the deteriorating conditions of Los Angeles. However, many reactions from Twitter curiously asked the founder of the Young Turks if he actually considered how his own politics may have contributed to the ruination of living conditions in California.

"LA is a mess. There's trash all over the roads. Cops don't respond to calls. It's close to anarchy here," said Uygur – who is a co-founder of the Justice Democrats political action committee that is behind the campaigns of the members of "the Squad" in Congress. Members of the Squad have been some of the most fervent supporters of the "defund the police" movement.

Uygur lashed out at current Democratic Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti – who was nominated as the U.S. ambassador to India by President Joe Biden in July 2021 but did not have enough votes to get passed by the Senate. Cenk also bashed Karen Bass – a Democratic mayoral candidate in Los Angeles.

"Is Garcetti already in Mumbai? Is anyone running this city? Karen Bass seems to be saying she's going to maintain the status quo. She knows how to work the system," Uygur ranted. "No thanks!"

Cenk announced that he is voting for and supporting Rick Caruso – a "billionaire businessman and longtime former Republican who sits on the Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation board to be their next mayor."

"Karen Bass’ main message seems to be that she is an establishment Democrat (no interest) who thinks things in LA are generally fine (they’re not) and will work the system better," he declared on Twitter. "The problem is the system. There is nothing but incompetence & corruption here. We need change."

When asked about cleaning the city up himself, Cenk shot back, "No, that's not my job. Real people don't have time to also be municipal workers. Why doesn't Garcetti get out of his f***ing car or leave his mansion and pick up the trash?"

Uygur was ripped by members of the left and the right for his awakening about the degrading living conditions in Los Angeles.

Leftists attacked Uygur and belittled him as a "grifter."

Screenwriter Josh Olson: "Lest there was ever any doubt that this guy was an absolute fraud, here ya go. Grotesque."

Science blogger Yvette d’Entremont: "Cenk Uygur always has been and always will be a grifter who lacks conviction. A progressive voting for Rick Caruso over Karen Bass screams 'pay attention to me' much louder than 'I give a f***.'"

Progressive strategist Dante Atkins: "So, you, who supposedly are a progressive and believe that every billionaire is a policy failure, are going to vote for a literal Republican billionaire developer to run the second-largest city in the country?"

Comedian Martha Kelly: "Man f*** you and your billionaire buddy."

Reactions on Twitter from conservatives slammed Cenk for not realizing that the progressive politics that he preaches might not work in real life.

Digital strategist Greg Price: "Cenk, my brother in Christ, this is the type of world you've literally been advocating for your entire career."

Columnist John Nolte: "But-but-but Democrats run everything, checked off every wish on their list... Shouldn't it be a utopia?"

Media critic Stephen L. Miller: "Well well well if it isn't the consequences of my own actions."

The Hodgetwins: "You’re almost there Cenk."

Commentator Kurt Schlichter: "I think it’s important that we are reelect Democrats. Since Democrats are in total control of California, it’s the Republicans fault that this is happening. How dare Trump do this to us?"

Evolutionary behavioral scientist Gad Saad: "I wonder if the LA dystopia is related to leftist 'progressive' policies. Any thoughts @cenkuygur?"

Columnist Karol Markowicz: "I just love this whole exchange. How bad must LA be for Cenk to say that? And then the follow-up tweet where a socialist doesn’t see municipal workers as 'real people.'"

This isn't the first time that the progressive pundit railed against Democrat policies.

In September, Cenk wrote on Twitter, "Will people who came up with 'Defund the Police' slogan admit they were wrong? It was wildly counterproductive framing. You don't speak for the left. And neither do people pushing the counterproductive 'Abolish Prisons' Polls show that almost no one on the left agrees with you."

However, Uygur proclaimed that he was "supporting #DefundThePolice 100%" in a tweet posted in June 2020.

"I already largely agreed with the substance of the argument & now I'm down for the framing, too," he explained. "There is no reform or transformation that can fix this. We have to start over and completely rebuild policing in this country."

In August, Uygur's fellow Young Turks commentator Ana Kasparian attacked soft-on-crime policies in a YouTube segment titled: "Why Are Violent Criminals Not Serving Jail Time in California?"

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