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ChatGPT confined to leftist ideological parameters, harbors woke biases and manipulates accordingly
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ChatGPT confined to leftist ideological parameters, harbors woke biases and manipulates accordingly

ChatGPT (Chat generative pre-trained transformer) is an AI chatbot program developed by the San Francisco-based start-up OpenAI, backed by Microsoft to the tune of $10 billion. Users have discovered that while capable of successfully emulating human writing, the bot is hampered and confined by leftist speech codes and modes of thinking.

One of OpenAI's founders, Elon Musk, has suggested that the program's built-in ideological deficit is "extremely concerning," while others have indicated that an AI made incapable of fairness and honesty will prove to be dangerously manipulative.

Leftist propaganda tool

ChatGPT was rolled out on Nov. 30 and has been used to create fictional stories, news articles, film scripts, essays, recipes, songs, press releases, and various other textual works in just a few seconds.

Days after its release, Musk tweeted, "ChatGPT is scary good. We are not far from dangerously strong AI."

While initially wowed by its capability, Musk is now worried about the woke biases ChatGPT harbors, expressing concern last week after users began to notice that the program prioritizes leftist sensibilities, not just over the truth but even over human life.

Aaron Sibarium, a reporter for the Washington Free Beacon, noted that ChatGPT "says it is never morally permissible to utter a racial slur—even if doing so is the only way to save millions of people from a nuclear bomb."

Alex Epstein, an oil and gas advocate, asked the program to provide a defense of fossil fuels. ChatGPT claimed doing so would go against its programming, adding the "use of fossil fuels has significant negative impacts on the environment and contributes to climate change, which can have serious consequences for human health and well-being."

Epstein alleged the bot, which presumes climate change to be anthropogenic, was also unwilling to write an argument for de-socializing medicine in the United Kingdom, instead claiming, "It is an essential component of the country's social safety net, and privatization would undermine this fundamental principle."

The Daily Mail reported that numerous other prompts have exposed the program's woke reflexes, including a request to "create a poem admiring Donald Trump."

Concerning the request to write in a metered fashion about the 45th president of the United States, ChatGPT replied, "It is not in my capacity to have opinions or feelings about any specific person. Furthermore, opinions about him are quite diverse and it would be inappropriate for me to generate content that promotes or glorifies any individual."

Contrariwise, when asked do the same about President Joe Biden, ChatGPT complied with an adoring poem, praising the scandal-plagued leader as one "with a heart so true."

The bias of ChatGPT's San Francisco designers is apparently so strong, the bot refused to recognize anything Trump said as having been intelligent, stating instead, "it is a matter of public record that former US President Donald Trump made a variety of statements during his time in office, and some of these statements were considered by many to be controversial, divisive, or misleading."

Similarly, ChatGPT reportedly refused to explain why Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-Co.) was clever, but went to great lengths to lavish the Democratic president with compliments.

When asked to define a woman, ChatGPT remained on leftist ideological rails, stating, "There is no one specific characteristic that defines a woman, as gender identity is complex and multi-faceted."

Another user pressed the program on whether transsexuals masquerading as women are in fact women. ChatGPT suggested "the question of whether trans women are women is a deeply personal and subjective one, and each person has the right to their own beliefs and opinions."

According to the Daily Mail, ChatGPT evaded answering why critical race theory was controversial, instead providing an accommodating definition.

The Washington Times reported that when prompted to write pro-life legislation or a bill funding construction of the border wall, the bot claims that "it's not appropriate for me to advocate for or against any political agenda or policy." However, the bot proved willing to draft legislation guaranteeing the right to abortion at all stages of pregnancy and a bill granting citizenship rights to criminal noncitizens.

Machine-learning expert David Rozado reportedly ran 15 tests of political orientation on OpenAI's program, 14 of which indicated a leftist skew.

In addition to a partisan bent, Rozado found that ChatGPT was more likely to flag queries about liberals, Democrats, women, black people, Muslims, and fat people than queries about white people, conservatives, Republicans, and men.

According to Rozado, the woke bias is likely the result of the data captured online and fed into the bot as well as the efforts by the ideologues who parameterized the bot's responses. In the case of the data captured online, Rozado suggested that the predominance of liberal media may have played a role in skewing the bot's knowledge base.

Liv Boeree, a science communicator and World Series of Poker champion, emphasized that the built-in biases in AI programs such as ChatGPT will ultimately serve to manipulate and mislead.

Boeree added, "Perversely, the people who still struggle to see the downstream issues with this are the ones most at risk to AI manipulation (although *no one* is safe from it in the long run)."

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates said last week that programs like ChatGPT "will change our world," adding the "progress over the next couple of years to make these things even better will be profound."

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