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'Go straight to hell': Chip Roy delivers tongue-lashing to fellow Congress members after House panel backs requiring women to register for draft
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'Go straight to hell': Chip Roy delivers tongue-lashing to fellow Congress members after House panel backs requiring women to register for draft

Rep. Chip Roy (R-Texas) blasted fellow Congress members, Democrats and Republicans, in a no-holds-barred harangue. Roy unleashed on his fellow lawmakers after the House Armed Services Committee approved an amendment that would require women to register for the military draft.

On Wednesday night, the House Armed Services Committee voted 35-24 to approve an amendment that would expand registration for the Selective Service System to women. The amendment, led by Rep. Chrissy Houlahan (D-Pa.), would remove references in the current law requiring a "male citizen" register for the Selective Service System and replace it with "citizen." Three Republicans voted with Democrats in supporting the amendment – Reps. Liz Cheney of Wyoming, Jack Bergman of Michigan, and Patrick Fallon of Texas.

The panel's approval of the amendment to require females to register for the draft did not sit well with Roy. The Texas Republican blasted the decision, and said that he didn't trust Congress "to do anything at all," let alone to draft his daughter.

"Message to Republicans & Democrats - including @HouseGOP & @SenateGOP colleagues, I do not trust you to do anything at all, much less say you will draft my daughter to 'non combat' roles," Roy began his Twitter diatribe.

"Why don't I trust you? Let's see. Maybe it's because you (both R&D) have amassed $30 trillion in debt and are blowing through trillions more all while giving lip service to 'balanced budgets' for decades," he continued.

Roy then attacked both political parties for not securing the U.S. southern border, which has affected his home state of Texas. "Fentanyl pouring into our communities… murders, rapes… dead migrants on ranches… all in the false name of compassion," he proclaimed in the lengthy Twitter thread.

Roy claimed fellow Congress members "politicized a virus," adding that Americans were supplied with "wildly varying propaganda about it's origins, the nature of it's communicability, the efficacy of your mandated measures in response including vaccines, and ignoring of treatments."

He then alleged that Congress "destroyed our healthcare system and made it impossible to get the doctor of our choice at a remotely affordable price all in the false name of 'coverage.'"

Roy mentioned how politicians kept Americans in Afghanistan for nearly 20 years, the longest war in U.S. history, and leaders failed to produce an end game to ensure victory. Roy delivered a tongue-lashing to President Joe Biden over his chaotic Afghanistan withdrawal, "All while our troops sacrificed, and we set the stage for a gutless President to surrender and empower our enemies."

The congressman was furious that critical race theory was given an opportunity to be taught in classrooms.

"Maybe its because you've funded education bureaucrat after education bureaucrat to teach our kids that American is evil and racist, to take God out of our schools, and otherwise make it impossible for parents to safely turn their children over to the schools," he tweeted on Thursday.

"Maybe it's because you've (both R&D) caused America, despite sitting on a vast reserve of energy supply, to render us less secure economically and less secure against our enemies to appease institutional investors and the Acela corridor cocktail circuit," Roy wrote.

"Now you - including likely 28 GOP House members voting for an NDAA last night to do so - want to draft my daughter and just 'trust you' not to put them into combat? All of DC - all of it - can go straight to hell," Roy concluded with the hashtag "DontDraftOurDaughters."

When a Twitter user proposed abolishing the military draft entirely, Roy sternly responded, "Abolish the draft if you want. But under no circumstances will you draft our wives and daughters. Total, complete, bulls***."

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