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CNN catches itself reporting honestly about the 'violent protests' in Kenosha — quickly removes 'violent' from chyron



Image Source: Twitter screenshot

In a blatant display of left-wing media bias, staffers at CNN altered a chyron mid-report to distort the truth about riots taking place in Kenosha, Wisconsin, following the recent police shooting of 29-year-old black man, Jacob Blake.

During Monday night's "The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer," CNN actually displayed an accurate report about the riots, calling them "violent protests."

That's right, for a blissful 15 seconds, the truth was actually being reported on CNN, as the chyron read: "8PM Curfew Ordered After Violent Protests Over Police Shooting Of Unarmed Black Man In Wisconsin."

But it all vanished in a flash when the network seemingly woke from its truthful haze and swapped in a new chyron — this time sans the word "violent."

The Federalist's Tristan Justice was the first to catch the stealth edit and subsequently posted the clip on Twitter for all to see.

What's the background?

Whether the protests have been "violent" or not is not exactly something up for debate at this point, as footage of the events unfolding in Kenosha posted on social media show rioters burning and destroying buildings and cars all over the town.

One rioter even pointed a gun directly in the face of Blaze Media host and reporter Elijah Schaffer while he was filming.

Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers (D), who was one of the first to publicly criticize the police officers involved despite no investigation having been conducted, had to deploy the National Guard to help quell the situation.

Among the buildings burned were a state youth correctional facility and a small office furniture store.

According to Daily Caller field reporter Jorge Venture, an entire car lot was also set ablaze.

What else?

Blake was reportedly taken to a Milwaukee hospital following the shooting to be treated for multiple gunshot wounds. He is expected to survive, though his father has signaled that he may be paralyzed from the waist down. But doctors have not confirmed whether the paralyzation is permanent.

The three officers involved in the shooting have been placed on administrative leave pending an investigation into the matter.

Many, including Democratic nominee Joe Biden, have already concluded that the shooting is an example of "yet another Black American [becoming] a victim of excessive force." But there are conflicting reports over whether the force used was unnecessary.

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