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'You are driven by self interest': Mark Cuban claims Elon Musk's Twitter and Joe Rogan 'are the mainstream online media'
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'You are driven by self interest': Mark Cuban claims Elon Musk's Twitter and Joe Rogan 'are the mainstream online media'

Celebrity business magnate Mark Cuban has claimed that business tycoon Elon Musk's Twitter platform and podcaster Joe Rogan "are the mainstream online media."

"Joe , you and @elonmusk's @twitter are the mainstream online media and your platforms have become everything supposedly wrong with MSM. You are driven by self interest. Just like the MSM always has been accused of. And you both have earned that right. You busted your asses to be great at what you do and earned all you have accomplished. But don't lie to yourselves and all of us and tell us you are different. You aren't," Cuban wrote.

Rogan recently offered to donate $100,000 to any charity selected by Dr. Peter Hotez if Hotez would appear on his show and debate Democratic presidential primary candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

Rogan made the offer after Hotez had shared a Vice piece titled "Spotify Has Stopped Even Sort of Trying to Stem Joe Rogan’s Vaccine Misinformation." The piece discussed Kennedy's recent appearance on Rogan's show.

Tom Nichols of the Atlantic asserted that a medical professional should not agree to such a debate. "Never debate a conspiracy theorist," he tweeted.

But Rogan fired back: "That would be a great suggestion if you could assure that the industry you were representing wasn't completely captured by heartless monsters who have a history of some of the biggest criminal fines in human history because their deception has cost hundreds of thousands of people their lives. It would be a great suggestion if the industry you were defending didn't occasionally look at human beings as an opportunity to generate insane wealth regardless of the tragic consequences. But you can't do that, so… maybe it would be a good idea to have a f****** debate."

Cuban took issue with Rogan's remarks, saying that Rogan had been disrespectful.

"Way to talk in generalities Joe. Not saying there aren't a lot of f***** up things about pharma. That's why we created http://Costplusdrugs.com," Cuban tweeted. "But to ignore that the same industry has saved who knows how many lives is bullshit and you know it. It's also disrespectful to all the doctors, researchers and medical professionals that dedicate their lives to saving lives, like Dr Hotez and the 800k plus doctors in the country that believe vaccines save lives."

Cuban suggested that Rogan is attempting to bully Hotez.

"Trying to bully Dr Hotez is ridiculous. You have producers that will prepare you and you get to control the conversation," Cuban wrote. "@RobertKennedyJr also has a staff ready to prepare him, and these topics are what he talks about in every speech. You both do this on a daily basis," Cuban said. "Dr Hotez works every day to try to find ways to help people."

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