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NYC Mayor de Blasio twists the knife following accusations that Gov. Cuomo threatened a lawmaker: 'The bullying is nothing new,' this is 'classic Andrew Cuomo'
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NYC Mayor de Blasio twists the knife following accusations that Gov. Cuomo threatened a lawmaker: 'The bullying is nothing new,' this is 'classic Andrew Cuomo'

'It's not a surprise'

Anyone who has spent more than 15 minutes observing New York politics knows there is no love lost between New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) and New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio (D).

So imagine the glee the mayor has experienced after watching Cuomo get caught in the middle of a massive — and growing — scandal centered on thousands of nursing home deaths that occurred as a result of the governor's order to ship COVID patients to long-term care facilities.

The latest disgraceful chapter came Wednesday afternoon when New York state Assemblyman Ron Kim — a Democrat who has been an ardent critic of what he has called the governor's "BS" about the nursing home cover-up — said that Cuomo called him multiple times and threatened to ruin him.

Naturally, Team Cuomo claimed Kim was lying about the conversation and that the governor has never threatened to destroy anyone.

But de Blasio, who has called for a probe into the nursing home scandal, wasted no time in pouncing on the newest Cuomo imbroglio, telling anyone who would listen that this "bullying" from the governor isn't new. In fact, he said, it fits a pattern with the governor, calling it "classic Andrew Cuomo."

What did de Blasio say about the governor's antics?

MSNBC's "Morning Joe" had Hizzoner on the show Thursday morning to discuss the Kim-Cuomo dustup, and he was more than happy to offer his take.

"You know Gov. Cuomo," co-host Mika Brzezinski began, "have you ever heard of anything like that from Gov. Cuomo?"

The mayor was prepared to bury Cuomo on live TV.

"It's a sad thing to say, Mika, but that's classic Andrew Cuomo," de Blasio said. "A lot of people in New York state have received those phone calls."

Apparently being a bully is Cuomo's M.O. — at least according the mayor: "The bullying is nothing new."

He went on to lament the governor's reported treatment of Kim — and anyone else who has had the misfortune of crossing Andrew Cuomo.

"I believe Ron Kim and it's very, very sad. No public servant, no person who is telling the truth, should be treated that way," de Blasio continued. "The threats, the belittling, the demand that someone change their statement right that moment — many, many times I've heard that and I know a lot of other people in the state that have heard that."

Does the mayor really believe Kim?

MSNBC co-host Joe Scarborough asked if de Blasio really believed Kim.

"One hundred percent," the mayor responded. "First of all, I know him, he's a good public servant. I've always seen him as a person of integrity."

But it was more than just Kim's reputation that made the incident believable to de Blasio, there's also Cuomo's "sad" record of behavior.

"It's just the script is exactly what a lot of us have heard before," he said. "It's not a surprise. It's sad. It's not the way people should be treated, and a lot of people get intimidated by that. I give him credit for not being intimidated."

'The Bullying Is Nothing New,' De Blasio Says Of Cuomo | Morning Joe | MSNBCyoutu.be

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