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Democrat at fiery White House meeting undermines Pelosi's version of what happened


"I didn't see him being that much different..."

Image Source: MSNBC video screenshot

MSNBC host Chris L. Hayes attempted to corroborate the story from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) about an explosive meeting at the White House, but a Democrat member of Congress who attended wasn't cooperating.

"I think you probably heard the reporting about what happened in that meeting that I just read, was that accurate?" Hayes asked Rep. Adam Smith (D-Wash.).

"Well, it's interesting," Smith replied skeptically.

"You know people say the president had a meltdown, he didn't sound altogether different from what I've seen in a lot of other settings," he explained.

"I don't know, I went to college in New York maybe I'm more accustomed to it, and also the president is sort of the way he talks, and it is problematic, he is very insulting, particularly to people who disagree with him, and particularly to the speaker and he was very dismissive, and very insulting, but he kinda always is," Smith added.

"And he was very boastful about his own accomplishments, and his facts were very questionable as he was laying them out, but I didn't see him being that much different than what we see at his rallies, what we see at various press conferences," he continued.

"It's who he is, it's the way he talks, so, and so in my perspective, was, and it's fine," he concluded, "I respect the Speaker's decision completely that it wasn't a productive meeting."

Pelosi had claimed that the president was shaken up and that he had a meltdown during the meeting, but Trump tweeted his own version of events and implied that she was mentally ill.

Here's the video of Smith's comments:

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