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Dozens arrested in DC climate change protests — and activists put on quite a spectacle


Demonstrators shut down several streets, while 'many were seen littering and setting objects on fire'


More than 30 activists were arrested during climate change demonstrations across the District of Columbia on Monday, and while they did gain some attention, it might not have been the kind they were looking for.

What are the details?

WTTG-TV reported that 32 people were picked up by police with arrests happening throughout the day, as protestors shut down several roads and highways dancing in the street and carrying signs protesting capitalism while demanding action on the "climate emergency."

According to The Daily Caller, one group of activists "locked themselves to a boat in the middle of one of the city's busiest streets," and "many of the protestors were seen littering and setting objects on fire."

One activist raised eyebrows across the Twittersphere, as footage of him dancing while confetti was being thrown liberally caused critics on both sides of the political aisle to point out the irony of littering at an environmental demonstration.

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