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Self-described 'queer' and 'trans' person boasts about illegally providing minors gender-transition prescriptions without facing any legal consequences

Screenshot taken from video posted on the Eli Erlick YouTube channel

Eli Erlick, who self-identifies as "[e]xtremely queer & incredibly trans," is continuing to openly admit to distributing gender-transition prescriptions to minors.

"I order 4 times more estrogen & testosterone blockers than I actually take. You should, too. Several states have now banned trans medicine for minors but we won't let a single young person go without medication. We'll provide care ourselves if youth can't access formal medicine," Erlick tweeted.

Sharing a screenshot of the text of a new Mississippi law that prohibits providing gender-transition measures to minors, Erlick wrote, "I'm now a proud criminal in Mississippi for 'aiding and abetting' lifesaving medicine for trans youth. I realize the risks of posting this but it's more important to encourage others to share lifesaving medications than guarantee one's safety (granted I'm in little danger in NY)."

Last year, conservative commentator Matt Walsh and Libs of TikTok, which is a Twitter account run by Chaya Raichik, both indicated that they contacted the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration to alert authorities about Erlick's prescription-distribution scheme.

But Erlick is currently claiming not to have suffered any consequences while openly engaging in the illicit activity.

"Sharing prescription hormones is technically illegal but such a minor offense law enforcement doesn't care," Erlick tweeted. "Tens of thousands of people have reported me to the DEA, FBI, etc. Nothing happened."

While transgender women are simply biological men masquerading as women, Erlick has absurdly asserted that transgender women are "natural women" and "biological women."

"The only inherent difference between trans women and cis women is that trans women were assigned male by a doctor. Trans is an adjective that describes that assignment," Erlick has claimed.

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