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Elizabeth Warren staffers tells reporter to 'eat s**t' for not 'actively' supporting Warren's campaign

Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Disgruntled campaign staffers for Sen. Elizabeth Warren's failed presidential run lashed out at a reporter because he did not "actively" cheerlead Warren's campaign.

Politico reporter Alex Thompson, who was assigned by his editor to cover Warren's campaign, posted screenshots of messages that Warren staffers have been sending him.

One of the staffers chided him for not "actively supporting" Warren's campaign while others told him to "eat s**t."

Thompson explained, "Some Warren campaign staffers don't have a good understanding of campaign journalism. Not my job to 'actively support the candidate that you were assigned' It is my job to contact as many ppl as possible rather than just rely on what the campaign wants to give me."

Other Warren supporters similarly bashed Thompson, while others compared Warren's supporters to "Bernie Bros," supporters of Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) who are often accused of harassing people online.

In response, Warren campaign communications director Kristen Orthman chided the staffers.

"Reminder to @TeamWarren - I understand being upset. I am too. But inappropriate language toward other campaigns or the press is never what our campaign or @ewarren is about. Let's keep the fight focused on the issues," Orthman said.

Meanwhile, Politico defended its reporter.

"Alex has established himself as a top-notch reporter on the trail this election cycle. His coverage of Elizabeth Warren's campaign, and the 2020 race at large, was sharp, illuminating and accurate. We stand by his reporting," a Politico spokesperson told the Washington Examiner.

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