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A-list actress blasts Hollywood for trying to turn women into men: 'If they're feminine in the way that they used to be ... they're not welcome'


Fair point

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Famed British actress Emma Thompson says that far too many Hollywood filmmakers encourage women to cast their femininity aside and behave more like men.

What are the details?

In a recent interview with the CultureBlast podcast on Spotify, Thompson — an Academy Award winner — said that filmmakers are far too focused on portraying a woman as masculine and instead, should focus on highlighting a woman's femininity as a source of strength.

Thompson, 61, said that even female screenwriters are guilty of perpetuating the new stereotype.

"So all the women screenwriters I talk to, I say, 'Well, what's the story?' Because it's not good enough to simply give the women the guns, and then make the women badass as well. Now women have to be badass — if they're feminine in the way that they used to be, and they're not badass, then they're not welcome. Also, they're not allowed to cry, apparently anymore, because we've just got to be like the men."

She later added, "Why are there no films about giving birth, for crying out loud? Does anyone even know about that? No. No, It's all hidden. All our heroism is hidden, because what we've done is we've just given women the same parts as men, and that's not the point. How do we turn into our own lives and make those stories heroic?"

Thompson said that she also attempted to gather her female peers to brainstorm what female heroism and empowerment meant in Hollywood more than three decades ago.

"When I got a group of women together in my thirties, and I said, 'OK, what's the female heroine? Who is that? What does she do?' Because she hasn't got the wherewithal to do the Superman, to do the Godfather, that's not the point. That's not where our heroism lies. So how do we make it heroic?"

(H/T: The Daily Wire)

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