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Explosive launched dangerously close to home of 'liberty-minded' New Hampshire state rep, who thinks far-left activists could be to blame: 'There is no reason to believe this was random'
Composite screenshot of @MikeBelcher X video and photo used with permission

Explosive launched dangerously close to home of 'liberty-minded' New Hampshire state rep, who thinks far-left activists could be to blame: 'There is no reason to believe this was random'

A Republican state representative in New Hampshire had a harrowing experience earlier this week as some sort of explosive device was deliberately launched within feet of his home, and he believes that far-left activists could be behind the apparent attack.

Rep. Mike Belcher, a freshman state legislator from District Carroll 4 on the eastern border of New Hampshire, was sitting at home and watching TV with his dog on Tuesday night when he heard an eerie "whistling" sound that reminded him of a mortar.

"So I heard the mortar sound. I was looking at my phone, I looked at the TV," Belcher told TheBlaze. "A mortar didn't make any sense on the television, and it kind of hinted to me that I'm hearing it outside."

He found out the hard way that the noise was indeed coming from outside. Within seconds, Belcher heard a deafening sound and saw a blinding light that left him temporarily "disoriented."

"Immediately, I had ringing in my ears," he said.

After a few moments, Belcher realized he "was under some kind of threat" and "started to act" accordingly. He quickly regained his composure and decided to check out the surveillance footage from a security camera positioned outside his home.

What he saw on the video is frightening. The video shows a car parked on a nearby road, which is at a higher elevation than the home. A person can then be seen near the vehicle, performing some kind of action.

Moments later, a firework-like explosive shoots off from near where the person had just been and then bursts in the air. Belcher estimated that the explosion occurred "within about 25-50" feet of his home, "just at or above roof level."

The video then shows that, as the vehicle drives away, burning embers fall to the wooded area below. Belcher has not documented any burn damage in the area, but he has yet to do a thorough examination of his property and his roof. Belcher believes that the explosive was likely a "commercial-grade firework."

"Somebody could have been badly injured or killed by this. There is no reason to believe this was random," Belcher wrote in an X thread in which he also shares almost 30 seconds of the surveillance video.

As disturbing as this experience must have been for Belcher, he said it's not the first time he has been targeted as a Republican state leader. He recalled that sometime earlier this summer, he nearly missed a critical Education Committee vote on a parents' rights measure designed to, in Belcher's words, "notify parents of any sort of gender-changing nonsense going on with their children," because the lug nuts on one of his wheels had inexplicably "been loosened."

As news of that alleged incident spread, Belcher claimed he then experienced "several breach attempts on various accounts" and then became the victim of credit card fraud.

Belcher also mentioned that at least six of his Republican colleagues in the New Hampshire state legislature have also suspected that their vehicles were vandalized — by "loosening of lug nuts, puncturing your tires, and things like that" — to prevent them from campaigning and/or voting.

To date, not a single Democrat colleague has condemned or even expressed any sympathy for any of the alleged attacks, Belcher said. "There doesn't appear to be a whole lot of daylight between the far-left militant activists of the Democratic Party and the Democratic Party," he told TheBlaze.

Because of what he says is a "state tradition," Belcher's home address and phone number are publicly available on a state website, as is the contact information for all state legislators. So finding Belcher's private residence would be easy for friend and foe alike.

Belcher claimed he has filed a police report for the explosive incident but doubts that a suspect will ever be apprehended. Police told him "given the circumstances that they don't have a lot to go on, so they're not particularly hopeful about finding the person," he said.

Still, Belcher insists that these apparent attacks against him won't deter him from continuing his "traditional, liberty-minded politics and anti-Communism activism as an elected Representative."

"If you're taking flak, you're over the target," he said.

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