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Attempted burglary foiled after armed homeowner subdues suspect; robber lucky to leave with only a swollen face


A level-headed armed homeowner prevented something much worse from happening

Pictures Ltd./Corbis via Getty Images

A criminal is extremely lucky that he robbed the home of a very level-headed man because things could have ended much worse for him.

At around 2 p.m. Saturday, a burglar attempted to rob a home in Hebron, Kentucky. While attempting to force his way into the house, the homeowner heard the commotion and grabbed his gun. The armed homeowner confronted the robber, later identified by police as David Whitford.

Whitford fled to a riverbank, while the homeowner fired a few warning shots. The homeowner gave chase and the burglar hid in a wooded area. The gun owner fired off more warning shots once he discovered the criminal.

The homeowner grabbed Whitford and the two men started physically fighting. Whitford was on the losing end of the brouhaha as you can see by his mugshot.

Whitford, 29, suffered a swollen face and a bruised ego. The failed home invader was transported to the St. Elizabeth Hospital in Florence. Meanwhile, the triumphant homeowner refused medical treatment.

Whitford was charged with burglary 2nd degree – Class C felony and taken to the Boone County Detention Center, according to the Boone County Sheriff's Office. Whitford is lucky to leave with only a swollen eye after the armed homeowner only fired off warning shots.

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