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Female student wakes up in male student's bed, assumes she was raped. Exam says she wasn't. Following his expulsion, male is suing for defamation.


Due process on campus takes another hit

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A female college student accused a fellow student of rape, even though she had no idea what happened at a party the night before.

Despite a medical exam insisting that she was not raped, the student insisted otherwise and publicized what she believed to be true events.

The college expelled the male student, and now he's suing the female student for defamation.

What are the details of the incident?

As reported by the The Daily Wire, the female student — which the outlet calls "Jane Roe" — accused the male student of rape after the two woke up fully clothed in the male's bed the morning after a fraternity party at Syracuse University in Syracuse, New York.

The incident in question took place in 2017.

Surveillance footage shows the male — which the outlet refers to as "John Doe" — and Roe entering Doe's room at the fraternity in the early hours of the morning following a party at the house. The next morning, the two awoke in Doe's bed, fully clothed, and allegedly with no memory of what had taken place the night before.

Roe visited Crouse Hospital the following day to undergo a sexual assault examination, assuming that she was drugged. The hospital tested her blood, which came up positive for THC and caffeine, but nothing else. The outlet reported that a "bloodstain was found on the crotch area of her white leotard, but there was no blood on her underwear."

The exam revealed two "tears" to Roe's labia area, but "no internal cut or abrasions to vaginal walls." Further DNA analysis returned no evidence of male DNA.

Even though the hospital insisted that no rape had occurred, Roe reported the incident to the Syracuse Police Department.

The department investigated Roe's claim, but closed the case after concurring with the hospital's findings of no evidence. The Onondaga County District Attorney's Office, which also conducted its own investigation of the allegations, agreed with the local police department. A report from the district attorney's office read, "There is no credible proof of any sexual conduct in this case, consensual or non-consensual."

Dissatisfied with the decisions, Roe filed a complaint with the school's Title IX department, alleging that her memory had returned in the weeks following the alleged incident. She insisted that Doe raped and sodomized her, despite medical examinations finding otherwise.

The university opted to expel Doe reportedly solely on the basis of Roe's allegations.

It only got worse

In addition to being expelled, Doe also suffered ridicule and defamation.

After Doe's expulsion, Roe bragged that she was able to get her alleged rapist expelled from the university.

Doe, who had since moved on and enrolled at the New Jersey Institute of Technology, was eventually able to obtain an internship with Bohler Engineering.

Roe, apparently determined to ruin Doe, reportedly continued with her public smear campaign against Doe, allegedly texting his friends and referring to him as a "violent rapist" and a "monster." She also directly emailed the engineering firm with her allegations.

She also reportedly openly discussed the incident on social media — including on professional networking platform LinkedIn — branding him a "rapist." Roe reportedly insisted on continually bashing Doe in public because she wanted to make sure that his alleged rape of her was "the last."

Doe eventually lost the internship at Bohler Engineering as a result of her accusations.

Roe also publicly applauded Bohler's decision to sever ties with Doe.


According to the outlet, Judge Roslynn R. Mauskopf in her ruling "accepted most of John's arguments that Jane had defamed him," except for his concern that she might get him expelled from the New Jersey Institute of Technology.

Roe's legal team said that Doe suffered no injury as a result of her very public allegations, despite being expelled from Syracuse and losing his internship at Bohler Engineering.

Mauskopf determined that Doe's libel lawsuit against Roe can proceed.

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