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A filmmaker saw an internet video of a baby in a garbage dump — and knew he had to adopt her. So he turned to social media for help.


The baby was more than 300 miles away, but they tracked her down

Shivam Saxena/Hindustan Times via Getty Images

When a filmmaker from India saw an internet video of an abandoned baby crying in a garbage dump, he knew he wanted to adopt her. But first he would have to track her down with the help of social media.

What's the story?

Vinod Kapri is a filmmaker in India. He said that when he and his wife, TV news anchor Sakshi Joshi, saw the video of the abandoned baby on Friday, they knew what they had to do.

"Our conversation suddenly shifted to: 'We should adopt her," Joshi said, according to CNN.

But not only did they not know where the video had been taken, they initially were not even sure if it was real.

"We see many fake videos of babies on social media," Kapri said. The video showed a naked and dirty baby in a pile of garbage, but did not have many other identifying details.

So the couple went to social media and asked their followers to help them out.

Joshi said that the effort people went through to help them find the baby proved that despite differences in ideology or opinion, "humanity still exists, calling to everyone in this world."

Eventually, with the help of social media, they narrowed down the state in India where the baby had been found. With this information, Kapri was able to have a friend help them find her in a hospital in the city of Nagaur, more than 300 miles from where Kapri and Joshi were.

On Friday, Kapri tweeted that the baby was "safe now and recovering." He thanked the doctors and said that he and Joshi were "checking [the] adoption process." Joshi added on Sunday that they were trying their "BEST to adopt her as per rules and guidelines."

What's her name?

The couple announced on Sunday that they have named the baby Pihu.

According to India Today, the baby is now stable, although little Pihu has had some trouble with her breathing.

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