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Former Sen. Jeff Flake says it would be good for the GOP if a Democrat beats Pres. Trump in 2020


He really, really can't stand Pres. Trump.

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Former Arizona Republican Sen. Jeff Flake is so against a second term for President Donald Trump that he said he'd rather see a Democrat win, according to Hot Air.

Flake said the Republican Party would be better off if President Trump was defeated in 2020, regardless of who the Democratic opponent is. That's quite a statement, considering how dramatically some of the further left candidates intend to transform the nation if they win.

The remarks came during a debate titled "The Republican Party Should Not Re-Nominate Trump." ABC News correspondent John Donovan asked Flake if he would be "willing to lose a cycle for the Republican Party because of the principles you're arguing."

"Oh, yes," Flake said. "Yes. You sacrifice a generation. You think, 'Man, we might get some policy goals in the next year or two'—look at the long term. Look at the long term, at what you're doing for the party, because people don't want to be associated with it."

To make sure he was clear on Flake's point, Donovan asked, "So, to boil it down, it's better for a Democrat to win in 2020 if Donald Trump is the Republican nominee, than for Donald Trump to win?"

"Yes," Flake said."

Flake is willing to pay a high price to rid the Republican Party of Trump. Early on in the primary race, Democratic candidates have advocated for packing the Supreme Court, abolishing the electoral college, paying reparations to descendants of slaves, banning assault rifles, dismantling the National Rifle Association, and implementing a single-payer healthcare system.

All that is, apparently, good for the long term health of the Republican Party, according to Flake. Watch below:

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