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Former Texas judge sentenced to six years in prison for creating fake sex-for-hire ads for women he dated


Prosecutors say he did it for revenge

Image source: Galveston County Jail

A former Galveston County, Texas, judge was sentenced Wednesday to six years in prison after he was convicted of online impersonation for posting fake online sex-for-hire ads for two women he dated, the Houston Chronicle reported.

Why did he do this?

Christopher Dupuy, 47, reportedly used the pseudonym Don Tequila to post the ads, which included their photos and phone numbers.

Investigators built their case by using a search warrant to gain access to Dupuy's computer and cellphone, according to prosecutor Adam Poole.

Simone Bray, Dupuy's attorney, previously criticized investigators for focusing only on her client. She also called the evidence against him “circumstantial," the report states.

"I did believe there was some reasonable doubt here," she reportedly said.

But on Wednesday, Bray said she accepted the outcome, the report states. Poole said Dupuy appeared humbled after he heard the sentence.

The sentence marked the end to one chapter of Dupuy's saga, which reflects a pattern of harassing women, according to the news outlet.

Anything else?

"All along the way there have been new offenses," Poole said. "It's just been a really long time in coming, but hopefully he is done with Galveston County now."

Authorities arrested Dupuy in 2015 on the impersonation charges. He spent nearly a year in jail, where he was held in solitary confinement for his own safety. He was released in 2016 after a visiting county judge found the state's online impersonation statute unconstitutional, according to the report. An appellate court later overturned that decision.

In May, a warrant for Dupuy's arrest was issued after a woman in Harris County filed a complaint that stated Dupuy called her 200 times one night and threatened to kill her. Police arrested him at a home near Austin, Texas, in August, where they found him hiding in an attic. The case is still pending, the report states.

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