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Outrage erupts after liberal WaPo writer says he dislikes Indian food in 'extremely racist' column

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The internet erupted with furious outrage after a Washington Post columnist penned an "extremely racist" denunciation of Indian food.

"What in the white nonsense is this?" replied reality show star Padma Lakshmi. "On behalf of 1.3 billion people, kindly f**k off."

The vituperation was aimed at a column titled, "You can't make me eat these foods," written by humorist Gene Weingarten.

"This will be my most hated column of all time, and believe me, I have been hated a LOT," tweeted Weingarten.

Among the victims of Weingarten's column was Indian food, which he described as something even vultures wouldn't eat.

One critic accused Weingarten of using a racist white nationalist trope.

"This one spice nonsense is a straight up National Front propaganda point, is the WaPo literally platforming white nationalist discourse now?" tweeted writer Shiv Ramdas.

"...how the f*** is he allowed to speak on food when his palate is so numb he thinks CURRIES are a single spice dish & why the f*** is WaPo publishing straight up National Front talking points disguised as food opinions?" Ramdas added.

"That you got paid to write this tripe, and boldly spew your racism is deplorable. May your rice be clumpy, roti dry, your chilies unforgivable, your chai cold, and your papadams soft," tweeted journalist Shireen Ahmed.

"What is it with white guys with elite media jobs thinking everyone wants to read their dumb, very poorly informed rants about how much they dislike all Indian food? It is not cute. It is racist," read a tweet from filmmaker Arlen Parsa.

"...seems to me once you go to Everything Those Bazillions of Brown People Eat Is Beneath Human Consumption it takes it into a categorically different place and suddenly it's just not fun any more," responded actor Vince Gatton.

Weingarten was defiant against the criticism in a tweet Sunday.

"Took a lot of blowback for my dislike of Indian food in today's column so tonight I went to Rasika, DC's best Indian restaurant. Food was beautifully prepared yet still swimming with the herbs & spices I most despise. I take nothing back," he tweeted.

But by Monday evening he apologized for what he said about Indian food.

"From start to finish plus the illo, the column was about what a whining infantile ignorant d---head I am," tweeted Weingarten.

"I should have named a single Indian dish, not the whole cuisine, & I do see how that broad-brush was insulting," he added. "Apologies.(Also, yes, curries are spice blends, not spices.)"

Weingarten made headlines in 2013 when he penned a poem imagining St. Peter shooting then-NRA chief Wayne LaPierre in the crotch.

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