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Group of teens brutally beat off-duty NYPD officer after he tells them he's an officer: report



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A group of unruly teens reportedly carried out a brutal assault on off-duty New York City Police Officer Cagney Ramos while he was on his way to work.

What are the details?

The incident took place on Saturday, according to a Friday report from the New York Daily News.

Ramos was minding his business on his way to work via Penn Station when a horde of teens converged on Ramos, who, due to their harassment, was forced to identify himself as an officer of the law.

According to the outlet, the 33-year-old Ramos, who is reportedly assigned to the World Trade Center Command in Lower Manhattan, said the teens started off their attack by punching his backpack and trying to knock his baseball cap off of his head.

When Ramos told them he is a police officer, the group apparently decided to take the vicious attack to a new level.

The as-yet identified suspects then allegedly began punching the officer, and continuously kicked him until he fell to the ground. While Ramos was down on the ground, the teens reportedly spit on him before running off.

Medics arrived on the scene, according to the outlet, and took the officer to an area hospital for treatment of his injuries.

The Daily News reported that Ramos' injuries could be described as "deep cuts to his face, ear, and arm."

A Daily News reporter visited Ramos at his home, where the police officer reportedly said, "I'm fine, man. I don't want to talk about it."

No arrests in the alleged attack have been made, but the MTA Police Department continue to investigate the beating.

Anything else?

In July, several NYPD officers were attacked on the Brooklyn Bridge after they attempted to maintain control of two demonstrations against law enforcement officials.

Three suspects were arrested in connection with the attack.

At the time, The Blaze reported that eight officers were injured — including a sergeant, lieutenant, and Chief of Department Terence Monahan.

One police officer reportedly lost consciousness during the incident.

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