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Polling expert hits CNN viewers with reality check over Trump's political strength — and warns he's even stronger than before

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Polling expert Harry Enten instructed CNN viewers on Monday to stop believing that Donald Trump is not a strong candidate for president.

Showing three recent polls surveying a Trump-Biden rematch, Enten observed that Trump and Biden remain in a statistical tie. In some polls, President Joe Biden leads, and in others, Trump leads.

That means there is "no clear leader," and according to Enten, that is a problem for Biden.

"If you go back where we were at this point four years ago, Joe Biden's lead was high single-digits to low double-digits. This is significantly closer than where we were four years ago," Enten explained.

Then Enten spoke directly to CNN viewers and anyone who believes that Trump cannot defeat Biden in a 2024 rematch.

"This idea that Donald Trump can't win the general election, I want you to lose that idea," he said frankly. "This race is very, very close, and Donald Trump is polling better right now than basically at any point during the entire 2020 cycle."

And those four criminal indictments against Trump? "It just doesn't really seem to matter," Enten said.

It's true that Election Day is more than one year away. But NBC News anchor Chuck Todd provided perspective on Sunday for Biden's poor polling. "His numbers now look more like Hillary Clinton '16 than Biden '20," Todd said. "And we all remember how that turned out.

Trump is competitive because voters overwhelmingly do not approve of Biden's job as president, they blame him for economic woes — as he uses "Bidenomics" to gaslight voters — and they fear he is too old for the job.

That Biden and Trump remain in a statistical tie despite Trump facing four criminal indictments raises an important question, which ABC News anchor Jonathan Karl asked in June: "What does that say about Biden if he's barely beating [Trump] or, in some polls, actually losing?"

It will be up to voters to answer that question.

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