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Homeowner shoots naked woman who allegedly attacked him with a frying pan

Carroll County Sheriff's Office

A naked woman was shot in the leg by a Virginia homeowner after she broke into his home and attacked him with a frying pan, the Carroll County Sheriff's Office reported.

Paula Michelle Locklear, 35, of Austinville was taken into custody last week, Law and Crime reported. She faces one count each of felony breaking and entering of an occupied home while armed with a deadly weapon to commit larceny, assault and battery, and intentional damage to property.

The alleged home invasion and attack occurred in Austinville, an unincorporated area of southwest Virginia.

The CCSO reports that the homeowner, investigating a noise, found Locklear coming in through the rear door of the home. Locklear reportedly hit the homeowner in the head and hand with a frying pan as the homeowner worked to get her out of the house and secure the door.

At that point, CCSO reports, Locklear was on the back porch of the home. While there, she began switching off all the electrical breakers, beating on the kitchen window, and yelling. She reportedly threatened to kill the homeowner if he did not "get out of her house."

Locklear was allegedly beating on the same rear door she had used to gain entry when the homeowner shot her in the lower leg area.

When deputies arrived on the scene, they found Locklear with a gunshot wound to the leg. She was transported to the hospital by emergency medical services and treated.

Locklear was held without bond pending arraignment in Carroll County General District Court.

In consultation with Carroll County Commonwealth Attorney Roger Brooks, CCSO says no charges will be filed against the homeowner since the shooting was justified as self defense.

Virginia's self-defense laws are mainly derived from caselaw and generally do not include a duty to retreat, according to FindLaw.

In Virginia, a person who is not the aggressor is justified in using force — shooting someone in the leg, for example — if they reasonably believe the force is necessary to protect themselves from imminent use of force by the aggressor. An overt act of putting a person in danger of serious bodily injury — being hit in the head with a frying pan, for example — is required.

Court records indicate Locklear's hearing is set for May 5 and that her attorney's name is Gregory Goad.

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