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'I took the fight to them': Dad battles leftist school board, gets banned from daughters' HS graduation — but there may be hope

Image source: Fox News video screenshot

Shawn McBreairty — a father of twin daughters who are seniors in a Maine high school — told Fox News' Tucker Carlson that after a yearlong battle against the leftist agenda of the school board and district superintendent, he's still not sure if he's allowed to attend his daughters' graduation ceremony after being banned recently.

What are the details?

McBreairty on Thursday told Carlson it all started last June after he said he received a "white supremacist letter" from the district on the heels of George Floyd's death and the riots across America that followed.

"When I read that, I felt assaulted," he told Carlson. "This wasn't how I grew up. It wasn't how I taught the girls. And frankly, I didn't want the school teaching this kind of information to my kids."

The added that he "pushed back" to Jeff Porter, superintendent of Cumberland and North Yarmouth, and told him "very politely, look, as Minneapolis is burning to the ground, you could have talked about the First Amendment and peaceful protest."

But McBreairty said Porter "missed all of that. And he kind of said, sorry, you took it that way. He then doubled down on that a couple of days later with a you're-not-woke-enough-to-understand-what-I'm-talking-about letter" which the dad said "basically divided the entire community just like our nation is right now."

'I took the fight to them'

With that, McBreairty said he started to do battle.

"So I went to the school board meetings," he told Carlson. "I asked them to make some changes on some things that I had found, and they basically said no. And from there, they tried to cancel me. And once that occurred, I took the fight to them. I really held them accountable to their public comment policy. I used my First Amendment rights and really tried to push the envelope to help them understand that as a parent, I just didn't want that in my community that I've lived in for over 20 years."

Soon McBreairty said he specifically called out one of the school board members — Ann Maksymowicz, whom he described as "one of the more radical folks" on the board.

"I took a picture of her when she was not standing for the Pledge of Allegiance to honor our troops," he recalled. "And before I left the room, I put that on ... social media. And half the town lost their mind; they couldn't believe that I took a picture of a government official, elected official, and then sent that out to the world."

McBreairty added to Carlson that he created a "small political sign of Ann" that he "brought that to a meeting which Jeff Porter kicked me out of, and then I put that sign right beside the road where I live on across the street, illuminated 24 hours a day. And frankly, the leftists lost their mind, Tucker."

But McBreairty said whatever abuse he got, he "just kept counterpunching. They would punch, and I would punch back, and I'd push back harder. And we just kind of work through it."

A sign leads to trouble

According to the Daily Wire, McBreairty was served with a "prohibitive conduct warning" banning him from being on school property for "illegally" hanging a sign of featuring Maksymowicz on a middle school fence.

And while the Daily Wire said Porter has lifted the ban as long as Dad meets certain conditions, McBreiarty told Carlson he's not sure what it all means.

"I pushed back a couple of times on that because, frankly, I don't think there should be conditions set to me going to graduation," he said. "I don't know if he wants me to stand on one leg and rub my belly the whole time. I have no idea what these conditions are."

Porter told the Daily Wire that "as a superintendent, I have good reason not to let him attend this event. However, as a parent I believe that granting this request is important and have chosen to use this lens in making this exception."

The outlet said Porter will provide expectations to McBreiarty before the June 6 ceremony.

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