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'I'm gonna f*** you up': Antifa thug gets in face of GOP candidate running against Nancy Pelosi, says he wants him 'dead'
Image source: Twitter video screenshot

'I'm gonna f*** you up': Antifa thug gets in face of GOP candidate running against Nancy Pelosi, says he wants him 'dead'

Bearded fellow in yellow also accused John Dennis of being a 'racist.' And how does he know? 'I can tell by looking at you.'

The left — and specifically Antifa, in this case — just can't seem to help itself from encouraging more and more people to come to the polls in November and reelect President Donald Trump.

Have a look at the below video if you doubt such a conclusion.

In the video we see in the dark jacket John Dennis — chairman of the San Francisco Republican Party and congressional candidate who's running against Democrat Nancy Pelosi this fall — conversing with bearded guy in a yellow shirt whom Dennis identified as an Antifa member.

The Antifa agitator wasn't exactly civil. In fact, he told Dennis — who was there helping a street cleanup effort — "Bruh, I'ma gonna catch you when all the cameras aren't around, and I'm gonna f*** you up." And that's just for starters.

Here's the clip. ( Content warning: Language):

The bearded guy also told Dennis that "I want you dead."

The Republican naturally wondered why.

"Because you're a piece of s**t," the Antifa guy told Dennis.

OK, and how could he possibly tell?

"Because you're racist," the aggressor continued.


Then when the GOP candidate rightly argued back that he has no way of determining Dennis is a racist, the Antifa guy offered an insight that pretty much sums up the leftist state of mind: "I can tell by looking at you."

In the end, Dennis sufficiently stood up to the Antifa thug and didn't get intimidated.

TheBlaze on Tuesday asked Dennis' campaign if police were called on the yellow-shirted man who made the threat, but the campaign didn't immediately reply.

More details about the encounter

Dennis posted a Periscope session Tuesday morning on Twitter and offered more insight on what happened between him and the Antifa fellow.

He explained that he learned 30 to 40 Antifa members showed up to protest the clean-up effort just because Republicans were involved — and the guy in the yellow shirt seemed to want to stand out from other Antifa members dressed in dark clothing. He also stood out for other reasons, Dennis added, after flipping over a canopy and threatening various individuals in the crowd. The yellow-shirted Antifa guy seemed to be "giving backbone" to the "rest of the lightweight Antifa," Dennis noted.

It was at that point that Dennis said he tried talking to the yellow-shirted guy, and then the threats happened.

The GOP candidate added that what's not seen on the clip is that he approached the Antifa agitator again and with some "rough language" informed him that he wasn't going to be intimidated — which is when Our Bearded Hero departed and "the crowd lost a lot of its fight."

While Dennis said "violence is just unacceptable," when push comes to shove and threats are issued, "you gotta stand up to them."

(H/T: Red State)

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