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I'm thankful for those who help us laugh in the midst of all the bad news


It's OK to laugh

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Sometimes, you just have to laugh. And that's OK. Necessary, even.

The news cycle is relentless. Those of us who follow it closely, whether for professional or personal reasons, can find ourselves worn down, disgusted, and hopeless. Corruption. Lies. Failures. Most news right now can probably fit into one of those categories.

Much of the news, distressing as it may be, is very serious and important. The president may get impeached soon. Presidential candidates are presenting plans to fundamentally change the country. Morals, and morale, are in decline, honest politicians are seemingly nowhere to be found, and everyone on TV is angry about everything one way or the other.

So we need to laugh. We need to release. We need to understand that fighting for what we believe is right doesn't mean being miserable all the time.

Sometimes, we just need to laugh about Eric Swalwell (or Chris Matthews?) farting on TV while accusing Trump of cheating the election.

Sure, you might be worried about America becoming a socialist nation after the 2020 election, but don't just worry about that. Take some time to make fun of presidential candidates humiliating themselves in futile attempts to be relatable.

Democrats Try To Dance Their Way Into The Whitehouse www.youtube.com

Impeachment is serious business, for sure. The impact of this impeachment saga could change national politics forever. But even President Trump isn't letting it get him down — he's tweeting out weird pictures of his head photoshopped on Rocky Balboa's body for some reason.

Meanwhile, his personal attorney Rudy Giuliani is butt-dialing reporters discussing information that is probably relevant to the ongoing impeachment inquiry. It really doesn't matter where you stand on impeachment — this stuff is absurd and hilarious. And we need to laugh.

Also we're still trying to figure out whether hero ISIS-hunting dog "Conan" is a boy or a girl. And some people are really mad about that! But it's funny, and we should laugh.

There are many more examples, because there are many social media warriors, both professional and amateur, who put in the important work in making sure we laugh at this stuff every now and then so we don't just give up totally. Be thankful for them. Especially the ones who work here at Blaze Media, who are obviously the best. Throw them a like or a retweet every now and then.

And for God's sake, don't talk politics during Thanksgiving. But if you can't help yourself, at least try to do it in a way that everyone can laugh, rather than fight, about. Or even better, just talk about something everyone can agree on, like that Jeffrey Epstein definitely didn't kill himself. Here's proof:

ICYMI: Steven Crowder Tries to "Epstein" Himself on Livestream www.youtube.com

Happy Thanksgiving.

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